Why Henry Winkler Wrote a Letter to the Creator of ‘Yellowstone’ – NBC 7 San Diego

One of TV’s greatest legends is a fan like all of us.

Henry Winkler, who stars in the third season of HBO’s “Barry” premiering April 24, has been turning lemons into TV lemonade for the past two years.

“During the pandemic, we watched TV from Mexico, Spain, India, South Korea,” Winkler told E! News. “The streamers are amazing. HBO, Apple, HBO Max. I’m telling you, TV is king right now.”

Winkler, of course, knows a bit of television history. The actor starred as Arthur “Fonzie” Fonzarelli in the iconic sitcom “Happy Days,” which ran for 11 seasons beginning in 1974. The actor also had memorable roles in “Arrested Development,” “Parks & Recreation” and, now, his Emmy-winning spin on “Barry.”

In all of its viewings, however, a certain Western TV franchise has truly lassoed its heart.

“‘Yellowstone’ is awesome. ‘1883’ is awesome,” he told E! News. “I wrote a fan letter to Taylor Sheridan.”

Kevin Costner stars in “Yellowstone,” the Paramount Network western about a wealthy Montana ranch family that has become one of TV’s biggest shows and garnered enough praise to fill the OK Corral.

But a letter from Henry Winkler? It’s hard to do better than that.

“I said it was amazing to spend time with your narration because we love every episode of these things,” Winkler told E!.

Before having any thoughts, Winkler says he has no interest in performing as a guest, saying “I’m very happy where I am.” Sometimes it’s better not to meet your heroes.

Fortunately for Winkler, he is in a very good situation. The 76-year-old actor stars as Gene Cousineau in “Barry,” which gets even darker and more sinister in its third season. Although he’s worked with some of the industry’s most accomplished directors over his illustrious career, he says working with Bill Hader – who co-created, stars and often directs the show – is one of most collaborative experiences he’s ever had.

“Bill is a generous and caring director. Within his structure comes freedom,” Winkler told E!. “He knows what he wants. He’s open to you filling that container with whatever you bring. If it works for him and it works for his imagination, here we go.”

Watch Henry Winkler write the final chapter of his legendary television playbook when “Barry” season three premieres April 24 at 10 p.m. on HBO.

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