“When Calls the Heart” Creator Breaks His Silence After Lori Loughlin’s Big Announcement

It’s been a crazy time to be a Heartie.

Only a few months after the Internet explosion with passionate advocacy for When the heart calls you writers to change course (#TeamNathan fans know), Deadline revealed that Lori Loughlin is set to reprise her role as Abigail Stanton, the former mayor of Hope Valley. The announcement comes more than two years after Hallmark severed ties with the actress following her involvement in the college admissions scandal – some fans begged his return to Hope Valley, others not so much.

After some initial confusion, Hallmark made a statement to clarify that Lori actually joins season 2 of When hope calls on the GAC family, not When the heart calls you. “Hallmark Channel has not chosen Lori Loughlin in any current projects, including When the heart calls you, and we do not intend to launch it in the future. It was chosen by GAC Family, a totally separate cable network not affiliated with Hallmark Channel or Crown Media Family Networks, ”they wrote in a statement shared by Showbiz cheat sheet.

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With this, many wonder how the rest of the When the heart calls you the cast is feeling the news, especially since Lori was a staple of the show until its sudden Season 6 release. From what we can tell, everyone seems to be supporting Lori’s move to When hope calls, including Erin Krakow, who showed her support on Instagram shortly after the news broke.

As more fans began to question GAC Family and Hallmark’s decision, When the heart calls you creator and When hope calls executive producer Brian Bird set the record straight on Twitter. First of all, while he understands that some people may be weary of watching another show (on another cable network, no less), he reminded the fans how amazing it is to have “two cities … two shows … and a #Hearties Nation.

But still, tons of Hearties who have a hard time getting on board. One fan expressed frustration with the final season of When the heart calls you, telling Brian that they don’t think they can fall behind another show in the Hearties universe. He has answered by giving a fan – and all other naysayers – a perspective.

And while it takes a while to convince Hearties to attend not one, but two shows next year, we feel the excitement surrounding Abigail’s return and Elisabeth’s controversy is enough to do the trick. Only time will tell !

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