Website hopes to help Northside businesses in Fort Worth thrive – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Casa Azul Coffee opened in November in the North Side community of Fort Worth.

“Casa Azul Coffee is a space for quality coffee and community,” said Casa Azul Coffee owner Joseph Landeros.

It’s a community that he says is tied to the shop’s coffee flavors.

“It’s a predominantly Latino neighborhood,” Landeros said.

“For us to be here in the North Side community, the historic North Side community in Fort Worth, has been a blessing just to see the level of support the community has given us.”

Landeros is also happy to have the support of the Northside Community website.

The site lists a directory of small businesses in the area.

“Beyond the stockyards, there’s a lot more to do,” said Northside Community founder Arnoldo Hurtado. “There are a lot of small businesses and families running entrepreneurial services and we want to highlight those people who are often overlooked.”

Hurtado said the goal is to make sure the North Side draws attention to all businesses. No matter how small.

“We have a long way to go,” Hurtado said. “But the reason we’re taking the time and not being rushed is because we want to foster a relationship where we get to know these companies.”

Landeros said it was good for people like him.

“Latinos are the fastest growing entrepreneurial population in the United States and Fort Worth is no different,” Landeros said. “So when you think about that kind of growth, there’s opportunity for a lot of people, not just me.”

The website embraces the culture of the community, but is open to all businesses.

Something Landeros said can benefit the region.

“I think it’s just another addition to bring more awareness to the cultural diversity of the North Side of Fort Worth,” Landeros said. “But also give everyone a chance to support your local businesses.”

Northside Community was launched in 2015.

To learn more about the group and the directory, click here.

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