Vigil creator says there is “another way to read the series”

Vigil creator Tom Edge claims there is “another way to read the series” beyond the simple standard murder mystery thriller.

Ahead of tonight’s finale (Sunday, September 26), the writer-producer explained how the team behind the Suranne Jones-led drama wanted to expand the series into something more complex than a classic thriller.

Specifically, he said they wanted to examine how main character Amy Silva is forced to deal with certain things about her own life – while trying to shed light on a suspicious death aboard a naval submarine. .


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“It was important to us that it didn’t get added as texture or anything like that.

“I think there are different ways to enjoy the show; which talks about Amy’s journey as she passes from a person inhabiting the earth, whose life is quite compartmentalized into work and her relationship to the child in his life, and his emotional life there, ”Edge explained during the BBC’s recent BAFTA Q&A.

“She works hard to keep these things apart and then, in a way, this sort of thing seemed very mythical: she’s swallowed up in the belly of the beast and descended into this kind of underworld, placed under tremendous pressure. , with everything that allows it to function normally away from it.

l orne macfadyen as a doward in vigil

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“There are no colleagues, no databases, there is no authority over his ability to manage things. the things that help her in her head and feel like she can do her job professionally, cope and survive. ”

Also featuring Effortby Shaun Evans, Victim‘s Paterson Joseph and Game Of Thrones‘Rose Leslie, Vigil sees the latter’s Detective Sergeant Kirsten Longacre attempting to assist Chief Inspector Amy (Jones) throughout his investigation through one-way telegrams.

Suranne Jones as Amy Silva and Rose Leslie as Kirsten Longacre Laughing and Drinking Sitting in a Sleeping Pub

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Due to the shorthand of the pair with each other – they used to be romantically involved – these messages are often coded in such a way that they do not give any crucial information to prying eyes aboard the ship’s ship. nuclear powered warfare.

“Her journey, as she walks into this world, what she experiences juxtaposed with the other half of this relationship, where this person is able to talk to her and she can’t respond, it seemed important to tell that story. and telling that through the twists and turns of the rest of our show, ”said Edge.

Vigil ends tonight (Sunday, September 26) at 9 p.m. on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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