TikTok creator slammed for her 13 controversial marriage rules

A TikTok user has drawn criticism after listing 13 controversial rules for her marriage in an online video.

The reaction surprised Kennedy Marks after attracting more than a million views on the popular video streaming platform.

Kennedy only expected it to be seen by family and friends, but instead she was swept up in a TikTok whirlwind, becoming an overnight celebrity on the app with her controversial list.

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Kennedy uploaded the video expecting it to get a few views, but was extremely surprised when she woke up to find six articles written about her and 3,000 new followers on her account.

Among the rules are “no children”, “no annoying people” and “no phones”.

Kennedy said: “Oh my god, it’s been crazy, it’s been crazy. I woke up the other day and had six articles written about me and apparently I had caused controversy with my marriage rules. .

“I had about 300 followers on TikTok before the video and literally all of them were just my close friends. But after the video I woke up with 3,000 followers.”

She’s been thinking about her wedding since she was about eight years old and posted the video to let her family and friends know about the rules of the day.

Kennedy and her boyfriend Rhys

“I’ve been obsessed with weddings forever and then my best friend is getting married in October, so it drove my bride’s brain crazy,” Kennedy said.

“Me and my boyfriend have been together for two years and as soon as I met him I said ‘just so you know I want to get married’.”

But despite this very clear introduction, Kennedy said she would like to go on a trip with her boyfriend Rhys before getting married.

Here is Kennedy’s list of rules for her wedding day, and to be fair to Kennedy, they seem pretty reasonable.

  1. Nobody else wears white
  2. No children (unless approved)
  3. Don’t assume an invite for a plus one
  4. No big announcements
  5. No one to use the microphone unless authorized
  6. Don’t stress me, ask my mother
  7. No annoying people
  8. If me or Rhys never met you, you don’t come
  9. No rudeness to staff or you are out
  10. No phone during the ceremony
  11. Anyone on the dance floor on my first dance will be dragged in
  12. Guests wear what they are comfortable in
  13. Full use of my photographer after my photos

Although the reaction was largely positive at first, Kennedy noticed that the comments began to grow more distasteful as the video gained popularity online.

She said: “On my current TikTok everyone was so lovely and supportive but the minute it went viral I think the comments slowly got more negative.

“The no kids rule really got people talking and a lot of people didn’t listen to what I said – it was the kids I’m really close to. Also the no white people rule was another which people disagreed with – I thought everyone agreed with that one, but apparently not.”

The “no boring people” also drew criticism, and Kennedy says she would have worded it differently had she known the video was going viral.

Nevertheless, most of them, like nobody else in white, not interrupting the first dance and being courteous to the reception staff, are quite reasonable.

The “no big ads” rule is surprisingly controversial, although I feel like it’s just a courtesy anyway.

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