Tier One Entertainment and Bent Pixels Asia to Increase Revenue for Content Creators on YouTube

Tier One Content Creators

Bent Pixels Asia (BPA), a revenue accelerator that connects brands and YouTubers, in partnership with a talent company Top Tier Entertainment to boost the reserved media offers of its creators on the video sharing platform.

Advertisers or advertising agencies can buy pitches on reservation instead of an advertising auction.

“We believe that game creators should have tools and best practices in place to start their video on demand (VOD) content – ​​YouTube being the best platform to start,” said Erwin L. Razon, CEO of BPA, in an email. “In the coming years, Bent Pixels Asia will create VOD creator programs to help not only create, but also monetize VOD content for our partner channels.”

The partnership also marks BPA’s expansion into the Philippines, home to over 43 million active players in 2020, with 43% spending one to two hours per gaming session.

This brings BPA’s total network of gaming and eSports YouTube creators to over 400 in the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, US and European markets, enabling advertisers to potentially reach over 300 million subscribers.

In Southeast Asia, BPA has also partnered with game content creators, such as BENEFITS (15.4 million subscribers), HecaTroll (1.51 million subscribers), EVO LJ (1.11 million subscribers), Christian PH (3.1 million subscribers), and FB King (418k subscribers).

Tier One counts on its co-founder talent roster Alodia Gosiengfiao as well as eSport personalities OhMyV33nus and wise game.

“We’ve been saying for years – since the inception of Tier One, one of our

the main goal is to open doors for budding creators, gamers with big dreams,” said Tryke Gutierrez, CEO and co-founder of Tier One Entertainment, who is a content creator himselfin a press release.

Tier One Entertainment also has Lincoln “Cong” Velasquez, better known as television congvlogger and founder of Team Payaman founder of the channel, which has reached 10 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. The talent company also recently acquired four famous international cosplayers: Harfie, Hakken, Knite and Shunsuke.

Through this partnership, Tier One Entertainment creators will be offered to advertisers as part of YouTube Reserved Media offerings. Creators can potentially unlock opportunities to increase their YouTube revenue through access to branded content offerings and premium tools.

“BPA has access to technology that allows us to serve video advertisements [such as] pre-roll and mid-roll ads, especially on channels that are part of the network,” Razon said. Business world. “Often we bundle Reserved Media with sponsored segments in a creator’s video.”

It can be a thirty-second segment in a video — with the branding “organically inserted” — or a fully sponsored video where the creator will do product reviews, he added.

BPA will also provide creator development programs and troubleshooting assistance for Tier One Entertainment talent with YouTube channels to help them grow their reach and subscriber base.

BPA is part of the Hepmil Media Group, a technology-focused media network. — Patricia B. Mirasol

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