This m’sian influencer and s’porean creator is getting married after less than a month of dating

Maybe that’s what they call love at first sight?

Malaysian influencer Cheryl Chin and Singaporean content creator Titus Low recently announced their marriage. According to them, they apparently got engaged after dating for two weeks and less than a day of dating.

A little story about the two of them, Cheryl Chin is a Malaysian talent under Jian Hao Tan’s Titan Digital Media while Titus Low is known to have created content on OnlyFans before but stopped due to legal issues in his country, Singapore.

In a series of TikTok videosCheryl shared that they were engaged after less than 24 hours of dating and she has now moved to Singapore from the United States to be with her significant other.

In a Youtube video, Titus also revealed that Cheryl was “the right one” for him and that he felt a real connection between them. “I feel very comfortable with her, I didn’t feel obligated with her, I feel very happy with her,” adding that they share similar interests.

Titus then shared that they met through Jian Hao Tan, and after a few days together, he asked her to become his girlfriend. After about 6 hours of dating, he proposed to her. The video ended with a teaser of what it looks like for their engagement ceremony, and Cheryl is seen wearing a wedding dress.

The couple also created a Youtube channel together. In the very first QnA of the chain video, Titus said that the meaning of marriage for him is to dedicate his life to his partner and focus on everything he does for her. Cheryl, on the other hand, said marriage is like a partnership and an extended work in progress where you devote everything to working with someone.

We wish the best for the couple and look forward to their next couple content! What do you think of that? Let us know in the comments.

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