The Sims Creator’s New Game Will Turn Your Thoughts Into NFT Collectibles

The visionary video game designer behind The Sims and Sim City, Will Wright is improving his game, literally. In Wright’s First Game in 10 Years, Developer Capitalizes on Blockchain Popularity with NFT Experience for New Game.

“Proxi” marks Wright’s return to the gaming arena. A simulation game, it is supported by artificial intelligence, the AI ​​of each user being his “proxi” in the game.


Much like its previous offerings, the game will allow gamers to buy and deal with digital assets… but this time with a twist. The game is being developed by Gallium Studios under the direction of Wright. After logging into the game, you need to create a private template of memories using the items available in the game.

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Once the avatar is operational, players can interact with other players. Gallium has other lofty hopes for the game, however. It hopes to help players better understand their “subconscious,” as the game’s announcement revealed today.

Will wright

Where DTVs Come In

NFTs have a considerable role to play in Proxi. While players will be able to decide their game’s route, they can also amass NFT collectibles along the way. NFTs are basically receipts for digital assets that can range from an image to a song or a meme. It looks like video game items will function as NFTs that users can trade with each other.

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Digital art piece

Anything that the player creates on Proxi can be sold as an NFT on the game, the full amount of which will be returned to the player. If Bloomberg is to be believed, every item in the game can be bought and sold as a non-fungible token (NFT). To support blockchain integration and ensure a smooth in-game NFT exchange, Gallium Studios has partnered with Forte, an NFT gaming platform.

Right now, it looks like NFT transactions can only be done in US dollars and the mechanism is expected to work on different blockchains.

Proxi has not yet been released! The game is slated for release later this year, but no release date is yet confirmed. Previously, the game was slated for release in 2019.

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