The Digital Creator Entrepreneur & Travel Blogger who is Travel & Wellness through its startups and its brand “ALIVE IS AWESOME” across the planet.

Suraj Beera has successfully collaborated with many brands and strives to connect people through. He believes in the power of positive storytelling and develops ideas that impact individuals, communities, brands and the environment.

Hi Beera! Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi ! I am Suraj Beera. I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in India. I finished high school about 2 years ago and decided to take a year off to travel and do freelance video work. I soon found myself working closely with the biggest brands like Audi Germany, BMW, Mercedes Benz and doing a lot of their social media advertising by designing content and traveling alongside them. Now my job requires me to work tirelessly on editing, photoshop, and movie making!

And I couldn’t be happier! ??

Anyone who has spent any time on your Instagram account can easily see that you are a very talented travel photographer and advertising designer, have you studied photography or have you learned yourself?
A lot of people ask me if I went to college or university for film studies, but I didn’t. In fact, I did an internship at Adobe and did projects for their film program. (which I am very grateful for at the moment)

During my last year of high school I took an open photography course where we worked a lot with film cameras and film processing in dark rooms. This was nothing new to me as I had studied camera functions and editing in my spare time since I was 14, but it was a lot of fun and certainly helped stimulate a party. of my creativity.

What equipment do you shoot and edit?
Canon eos m50
Nikon D7500
Adobe photoshop, ILLUSTRATOR
Bright room

Is it true that you were the best delegate for the Harvard Asian Conference 2021?
Yes, I have also been selected as a delegate for the Harvard University Asia Conference 2021 and received a personal letter of recommendation for outstanding management and leadership skills from the university leadership. from Harvard.

Your opinion on travel and cinema?
I believe that travel is a force for good in the world. I say it opens your mind, promotes cultural understanding and connectivity. It creates jobs, stimulates communities and improves economies.

That’s why I believe travel is a powerful tool in transforming destinations, generating economic impact and improving people’s lives.

Your entrepreneurial journey and your startups?
I founded the “ALIVE IS AWESOME” travel community with top creators from around the world of 35,000 people on Instagram, Youtube and Discord with engaging advertising, photography and travel content.

I am also the founder of “YOUR DIET MANAGER”, a fitness and grocery consulting brand and online website with recipes, diet counseling, online diet plans and an organic store and service. free consultation by looking for the problem that the customer wants in the data provided, mainly errors – free and practically implemented to the maximum.

What would be your ideal project as a photographer?
Well, at the moment I’m traveling the world and making videos / capturing photos for different makes of cars and tourist boards. I have to say that the projects I’m working on right now are as ideal as they can get! 🙂 In addition to being able to travel and discover the world, I also have total creative freedom on my content.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I have to say that a lot of my inspiration comes from traveling. As I constantly see and experience known things, my mind is always thinking of new ways to express what I see through visuals.

Has social media had an impact on your style?
Hmmm interesting question… Not to my knowledge. I feel like my style would stay the same even if Instagram or Facebook had never existed.

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