About the Temple of the SunFounded in 2014, Temple of the Sun is the realization of a shared vision between creative couple Yonna Derofe and Darren Gallant to create a successful jewelry business with purpose, grounded in their love of cultural antiquities, art, design and a real passion for doingRead More →

With millions of views on its Youtube channel and a community of friends, collaborators and fervent supporters, talented artist and YouTuber, Alexis Ricordi is set to release his debut album, “Honestly”. This thoughtful piece of art is set to hit platforms on May 13th and Alexis couldn’t be more thrilledRead More →

Digital Content Creator Ashish Chanchlani boasts of an impressive 27.3 million subscribers and counts on YouTube. In 2018, Ashish collaborated with one of his personal favourites, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar ahead of the film’s release. Gold. In another one of his dream collabs, Ashish was invited to promote Rohit ShettyRead More →

It’s an interesting case, but it might be strange trying to figure it out. Irish YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick, otherwise known as Totally unmarkedwhich has more than 700,000 subscribers woke up a december morning to over 150 copyright claims from Japanese anime company, Toei Animation – creator of shows such asRead More →

Reading time: 3 minutes Galaxy Racer (GXR), the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organization based in Dubai, is pleased to announce that its content creator, AboFlah, has successfully raised over US$11 million as part of a charity stream for The World’s Coolest Winter campaign. While completing the stream, AboFlah alsoRead More →

A report of Forbes reveals that YouTuber Mr. Beast earned a total of $54 million in 2021, making him the highest-paid content creator on the platform. Jimmy Donaldson, known much more popularly as Mr. Beast on the internet, had a rollercoaster career. His early career on YouTube was rather experimental,Read More →

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) started out as a simple concept envisioned as organizations, created by an idea and powered by developers, that automate business functions and processes by leveraging smart contracts and all the fundamentals of business. blockchain. The basic idea was to iron out the complex business process thatRead More →

Digitization creates jobs, not destroys Debates about the potential negative effect of technology on employment have been at the heart of political and popular discussions since at least the Industrial Revolution. As technological innovation continues to reshape the global economy in unprecedented ways, fears about its negative consequences for humanRead More →

Sticky’s social media manager Annabelle King. Stickyollies Annabelle King creates candy and content for Tights, a popular Sydney-based candy store. Last year, she used social media to help save the business, which is owned by her father. Some days, she helps the team create 60kg of candy with 50 differentRead More →

Comedian Leo Gonzalez was once an aspiring TV journalist and now has huge online success for his journalist impersonations and other characters he created. For as long as he can remember, Gonzalez has found humor in almost everything, even on the TV news. In fact, it was his impersonation ofRead More →

welcome to YouTube millionaires, where we profile the channels that recently crossed the one million subscriber mark. Channels cross that threshold every week, and every creator has a story to tell about YouTube’s success. Read previous installments here. Katie Feeney is just your everyday student. It is not our judgment,Read More →

Fifteen of the best First Nations social media stars will receive up to $ 10,000 in funding each, plus training, through a Screen Australia and Instagram initiative. Launched earlier this year, the First Nations Creators Program is an initiative to accelerate emerging local talent and amplify diverse voices in theRead More →

Extracurricular edtech startup KytTechnologies acquired San Francisco-based DIY.org and merged the operations of the two companies. Kyt rebranded itself as DIY.org, which was built and operated by Zach Klein, also the founder of Vimeo, and designed as a project-based learning platform for kids. “We wanted to create a platform forRead More →

Collective X, Elias Contessotto’s clothing brand, recently unveiled their Season 2 collection, ranging from the Blessed Graphic t-shirt and Collective X sticker sheet, to the Inspired Youth crew-neck sweater and t- Collect Graphic shirt. Social media content creator Elias Contessotto continues to make waves globally after building a clothing brandRead More →

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. All of today’s digital marketing initiatives are built around content production – defined as the process of researching, proposing strategic ideas, turning those ideas into high-value media, and then advertising to a specific audience. Webpages, blogs, infographics, movies, and social media postsRead More →