Suraj Beera: The Entrepreneur Digital Creator opening a new path to Travel and Well-being


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Posted 07.10.21, 17:22 PM

Suraj Beera is an internationally renowned entrepreneur and digital creator best known for his incredible travel cinematography and most notably his two highly successful travel health and food management startups.

He has worked on projects and commercials for various brands, and now he strives to bring people together. He believes in the power of positive storytelling and the development of ideas that affect individuals, communities, brands and the environment.

Suraj Beera is a well-known social media personality for his unique travel film creations with his “aliveisawesome” travel brand as well as his social efforts for a better life in his home country, India.

He also documented and launched an awareness campaign on recent forest fires in Turkey and Greece, as well as helping people through crowdfunding and travel supplies.

On Instagram, he has developed many notable and unique verified advertising clips for Mercedes Benz, Audi Germany, BMW, Fossil and Pepsi Global under paid deals.

Suraj Beera was in charge of a Pepsi Global commercial featuring Leo Messi. He sees travel as a positive influence in the world. He claims it broadens your horizons, promotes cultural understanding, and creates a sense of community. It stimulates economies, creates jobs and stimulates communities.

As a result, he believes travel has the potential to transform destinations, have an economic effect and improve people’s lives.

He managed to gather 2,53,000 signatures for a new rule banning the production of dangerous chemicals near human areas in India on in response to the Vishakhapatnam gas tragedy.

With a worldwide following of 35,000 people on Instagram, YouTube and Discord, he created the travel community “ALIVE IS AWESOME” with the best producers from around the world and engaging advertising, photography and travel content.

We do not take care of our food intake due to the proper scarcity and suggestions of dietitians in this modern world where we have very little time and where many health issues have been identified for different age groups and food intake. appropriate is very important, and “ALIVE IS AWESOME” is an Instagram brand of travel and digital creators that is popular around the world for its stunning and unique travel photographs and videos that inspire people to connect and have a positive impact through travel.




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