Superstar Singer 2: Breast Cancer Survivor and Famous Content Creator Chhavi Mittal will share her recovery story on the show

The children of Superstar Singer 2 spare no effort when it comes to winning hearts with the extraordinary singing talent. This Sunday, the show will celebrate and salute the spirit of India’s Superwomen who broke stereotypes set by society and showed the true face of naari shakti. The show will also host Bharat ki Betiyan which has become synonymous with strength, power and courage.

Chhavi Mittal, a breast cancer survivor, actress and social media content creator, will be one of those beauties that will grace the show. Taking the digital space by storm, this superwoman has been an inspiration to many. She will be seen sharing her recovery story on the Superstar Singer 2 stage. She shares, “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, amazingly, all my fear disappeared. I keep trying to feel as normal as possible in my daily life. Instead of being stressed, I try to take everything positively and make my life even better now. Motivation plays the most important role and makes you want to live life to the fullest. My current motivation is to make my life better than before.

Revealing her favorite contestant further, she adds, “Superstar Singer 2 is an amazing show and Mani is my favorite contestant. Personally, I want to say something to Mani and her mother. No matter how many challenges come your way, the strength to overcome is even greater. She also told Mani’s mother that “Mani ab sirf apka ‘Raja Beta’ nahi, ab puri duniya ka ‘raja beta’ bann chuka hai. Apka sapna zarur pura hoga.

Chhavi also surprises Mani’s mother with a special gift. Mani will be seen giving a phenomenal performance at Kar Har Maidan Fateh with her captain Salman Ali saluting the Superwomen of India.

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