‘Snowfall’ creator and ‘Den Of Thieves’ director plan cannabis series – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: In what is sure to be one of the most popular packages on the market right now, Entertainment 360 is teaming up with cannabis brands Cookies and Gashouse for an untitled new series exploring the origins of the current legitimate boom in the marijuana business. . Snowfall co-creator Eric Amadio will write the series and produce with thieves’ lair pilot helm director Christian Gudegast and also executive producer. Berner, CEO of Cookies and Felix Murry of Gashouse, along with Guymon Casady and Evan Silverberg of 360, join the two as executive producers. Jeff Karam will serve as a consulting producer.

In what is described as an hour-long epic drama, inspired by real events, which will offer the inside story of how two young cannabis entrepreneurs navigated the marijuana business from its illegal origins to its boom. current legitimate, the series marks the first collaboration for Amadio, whose series Snowfall entering its fifth season with FX, and Gudegast, whose box office feature thieves’ lair justified a sequel which begins to turn this winter in Europe.

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Berner, CEO and Founder of Cookies, has created one of the world’s most recognized cannabis brands as well as one of the largest THC supply chains in the world. Coming from the world of nightlife entertainment, Felix Murry of Gashouse brought his experience to the world of designer Cannabis, creating one of the most influential cultural brands in cannabis. Hailing from the South, where as little as 10 pounds of cannabis could be life imprisoned, its story will encompass the 20-year journey of how the South played a major role in transforming the consumption of brick weed from low to low. range imported from Mexico to consume and brand premium cannabis grown in northern California. Burner and Murray first met during Prop 215 days in California and with visions aligned, they turned big dreams into even bigger realities. This is how Cookies was born and Gashouse was born as two powerful leaders in the designer cannabis industry.

Gudegast is currently preparing Den of Thieves 2: Pantera in Europe. He also writes and directs Mafia X for the thunder road. Besides the next season of Snowfall, Amadio is about to write and direct Long Beach Faith with Common followed by the thriller La Collezione. Entertainment 360’s Most Recent TV Credits Include HBO Game Of Thrones, AMC Terror and Ripley, which is currently in production at Showtime. Amadio is replaced by Management 360, ICM Partners and Ziffren Brittenham and Gudegast is replaced by Managment 360 and WME.

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