Sid Krofft, creator of ‘HR Pufnstuf’ and ‘Land Of The Lost’, looks back and forward in 75th episode live on Instagram


Sid Krofft has seen many milestones during his long career. He was the opening act for Judy Garland and Liberace, had his own theme park, joined the circus, and appeared on Broadway.

Not to mention he was the mastermind with his brother Marty behind the television and movies for HR Pufnstuf, Land of the Lost, Sigmund and the Sea Monster, Sideshow, and Mad from the Middle Ages. Most were so there that the producers were accused of drug inspiration in their creation.

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Now, at 92 and after 82 years in show business, Krofft is about to take another step forward. Tomorrow (Sunday October 3), he will return to Instagram Live with the 75th episode of Sundays with Sid, an online variety show that has famous guests, live puppeteers, viewer “parties” and lots of memorabilia.

Guests this Sunday include David Copperfield, Beverly D’Angelo, Paul Reubens, Debbie Allen and Donny Osmond.

Krofft answered a few questions from Deadline about this new venture and his vast career.

DEADLINE: Why are you doing Instagram Live?

SID KROFFT: After my 12 minute speech at the Hollywood Walk of Fame tribute where over 900 people showed up, on our trip home my assistant Kelly Killian told me I needed to be on Instagram and share my stories. It intrigued me to be able to relive my life because I had been an artist for 28 years before. Pufnstuf HR and all the other stuff. I share my stories and maybe whoever listens can use some of my experiences for their own journey.

DEADLINE: How far can it go?

SK: I will continue as long as people are watching. On April Fool’s Day 2021, I announced it was my last show. I have been bombarded from all over the world with tearful messages that they are watching my Instagram Live every Sunday and looking forward to it and begging me not to stop. April Fool!

DEADLINE: What do you think of the use of CGI in production today, compared to the costumes you used to create your fantasies?

SK: With CGI, you can get facial expressions that we couldn’t do with a costume. However, what blew my audience away in the 60s was the realistic dimension of my characters. It was something they had never seen before. They were mainly small people inside costumed figures. I’ve been doing this for so many years before Pufnstuf HR in all of my puppet shows at Six Flags, Kings Island and Busch Gardens with theaters seating 1,200 people. In each of my puppet shows, I mixed little characters on strings to fool the audience. They never knew. So I’ve been putting on little characters in costumes since the early ’60s and it really worked in our shows.

DEADLINE: Stories of dimensions from another world have multiplied (The Matrix, Stranger Things, The Magicians). Do you think your concepts played a role in inspiring any of them?

SK: Yes. I am aware that they did. Our shows were so off the beaten track that people still wonder today if I was drugged or not. Ten years after creating Sigmund and the sea monsters, the HEY the film has become a classic. Land of the lost, which was our most successful show, had dinosaurs. The idea came to me for the second movie I have ever seen, One million BC with Victor Mature. Twenty years later Land of the lost came jurassic park with CGI dinosaurs where ours were in stop motion. Today nothing in the world is original and that’s the way you approach it creatively.

DEADLINE: Does working in the current version of Hollywood appeal to you? Or was it more fun in the 70s and 80s?

SK: Of course, that appeals to me. I am still working, thinking and creating. During my 82 year career in show business, I have tried to always evolve with the times. Everything I create today, I try to be as original as possible. I have always been on the left in my career and have had fun every decade.

DEADLINE: What was the most wacky thing you have ever started?

SK: I have always been warned by my legal team to never look at other locations. I was the creative force and I didn’t want outside influence.

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