Shonen Jump Creator Opposes Maintaining Manga Gate In New Post

The manga industry is growing day by day, and at present, its markets know no bounds. In the United States, manga sales continue to easily outpace comics, and those numbers are growing thanks to digital sales. It seems that publications like Shounen jump can be binged just about anywhere, and the diversity of its readership is growing rapidly as such. And if you’re trying to keep the manga going these days, well – one Shueisha creator has something to say about that.

The whole thing was revealed thanks to Yuji Kaku, the creator of heaven from hell and Ayashimon. This week, the artist ended that latest run and released a slew of artwork promoting the finale. This led some fans to browse Kaku’s tweets, and one user shared their support for the artist after learning that Kaku had caught COVID-19 again earlier this year.

However, things took a turn there. As you can see above, another user commented on the wish saying that Kaku and other manga creators don’t make content for foreigners. That’s when Kaku stepped in. The artist kindly corrected the assumption and assured anyone who reads that mangaka make stories for all kinds of people.

“That’s not okay. We draw for all kinds of people. Even you,” they wrote.

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As you can imagine, fans shared the post online as soon as it went live. Foreign readers were quick to agree that the support was nice, especially given the international growth of manga. For example, in the United States, sales of manga regularly exceed those of other graphic novels and comics. Sites like MangaPlus have also made it easier for fans to access the best series in the industry, so you can see why Kaku’s commentary has caught on so quickly. After all, art knows no borders, and the only obstacles it faces are those doors erected by the consumers themselves.

What do you think of this Twitter exchange? Do you still see access control issues in the manga fandom? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.

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