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Roposo Prepares to Disrupt Online Shopping Globally with Creator-Led Live Entertainment Commerce

Posted on October 18, 2021

· Brings India Its First Dedicated Pop Culture-Driven Live Streaming Business Destination; plans to launch into international markets soon

· Aims to create multiple scalable avenues of monetization for the creator ecosystem

In an effort to disrupt the mobile and online commerce space, Roposo today announced the launch of India’s first digital destination for “Creator Driven Live Entertainment Commerce”. Roposo’s new offering will allow consumers to shop for premium products in real time with some of their most beloved creators, while participating in contemporary and entertaining pop culture, in a “virtual mall” environment. The move gives Roposo the potential to not only redefine the way India shops, but also to propel the country’s designer economy, with multiple entrepreneurial opportunities for thousands of designers, at scale.

Shoppers on the Roposo platform will now be able to experience designer-recommended products in highly entertaining, exciting and action-packed live streams, visit hundreds of designer-run pop stores and connect with some of their favorites. favorite stars. While they will be spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping in fashion and beauty, health and fitness, electronics, home decor, lifestyle and more, they can simultaneously attend live events hosted by some of Gen Z’s favorite creators. To provide users, creators and artists with real-world authenticity and connectivity, Roposo will enable several features for the social interactions of both. sides of the screen in its live streams.

“Our intention is to build the largest designer-led live shopping platform in India and bring it to Southeast Asia and the United States in the coming quarters. There is a growing global demand for immersive shopping experiences that closely mimic the offline, online world. As we have seen in other markets, the live streaming business, led by talented creators, is becoming an effective way to meet this demand. With Roposo’s popularity among creators, Glance’s LIVE scale and stack, and Shop101’s e-commerce infrastructure, we are well positioned to grow this new Roposo experience.Said Piyush Shah, co-founder of InMobi Group and president and COO of Glance.

For its creators, Roposo will endeavor to integrate a wide range of monetization levers on the platform. In addition to creating live experiences, creators can also run their own multi-brand pop stores on Roposo, giving them not only a potentially lucrative business model, but also a way to establish their unique identity, on a large scale. With the ability to go live on Glance’s lock screen, these creators can potentially gain access to Glance’s huge user base of over 150 million in India alone. In the future, creators may have the opportunity to monetize their expertise by hosting paid masterclasses and paid live shows such as music concerts, stand-up comedies, talk shows, fashion shows, etc. .

“Although we have several big celebrities, the real hero of Roposo will be the creators; whether it’s the young fashion designer from Mangalore who wants to broadcast her collection live on Roposo and sell nationwide on her own pop store, or the indie rapper from Punjab who wants to reach millions of people through a paid concert. We intend to be the platform of choice for enterprising creators, who are not only great artists but also experts in their field, have genuine connections with their audiences and are able to influence purchasing decisions.”Said Mansi Jain, vice president and general manager of Roposo.

By June of this year, Glance had acquired the complete Shop101 e-commerce platform. A business unit of Glance, Roposo intends to leverage Shop101’s technology, complete supply chain infrastructure, and extensive experience in end-to-end digital purchasing management, to drive its business forward. Commercial proposition. Glance also recently launched Glance LIVE, which brings users the best of the Internet’s live content, on the lock screens of their smartphones. Roposo will be one of the main content developers on Glance LIVE.

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