Political doodle shared by Elon Musk is now being sold by creator as NFT: report

The current NFT supply is 1.25 Ether, which is worth almost $3,600. (Case)

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently tweeted a cartoon illustration suggesting his political stance has shifted to the right over the years. Today, the creator of the political cartoon, Colin Wright, is selling his cartoon as a non-fungible token (NFT) and opened auctions on the OpenSea digital marketplace.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Wright, editor of online culture commentary site Quillette, wrote: ‘The auction for the #NFT of my political cartoon shared by @elonmusk (230K retweets, 1, 3M likes) is currently at $1.25 ETH! There are 13 days left to bid, so don’t miss your chance to own some internet history!

Mr Musk had caused a stir online on Thursday after he tweeted Mr Wright’s cartoon. The sketch depicts a stick figure, labeled “me”, standing slightly center-left on the political spectrum beginning in 2008 – ending up as a right-wing conservative in 2021.

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This seems to indicate Mr Musk’s belief that it is in fact the left in American politics that has gone to the extreme since 2008 and not the right. The cartoon suggests that people with centrist views in 2008 are now on the right because of this change.

In the following tweets, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla clarified his political position. “The far left hates everyone, including themselves!” he tweeted saying. However, in another post, Mr Musk added that he was not a fan of the far right either.

Going back to Mr. Wright’s political doodle, the NFT auction isn’t the creator’s only effort to monetize the cartoon. In a tweet thanking Mr. Musk for his post, Mr. Wright also shared an Etsy listing for a mug featuring the sketch.

In a separate space Tweeter, he said he “really loved the discussion it sparked”. He added that the cartoon speaks to a truth that many feel. “Of course, politics is more complex than what can be captured in a political cartoon with stick figures,” he added.

Meanwhile, the current NFT supply is 1.25 Ether, which is worth nearly $3,600.

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