Pioneering content creator Chris M. Christian AKA SmokeScreen shares his journey to the top

Although there are millions of content creators around the world, there are a few exceptions that stand out from the crowd. Authenticity, uniqueness, and creativity are some of the key features that can help put your content ahead of others. Pioneer YouTuber smoke screenalso known as Chris M. Christian, is an exceptionally creative artist making his mark in the space.

Chris is a content creator, influencer, author and artist with a natural gift. The passionate creator shares a wealth of experience in the content creation space, having started from scratch to create one of the fastest growing content creator brands.

Besides its informative and educational content, SmokeScreen is notable for its role at Boston University’s film department where it worked in conjunction with HBO on their game of thrones virtual season 8. A master of his craft, SmokeScreen produced and enhanced the production edits on his YouTube channel, with Episode 1 garnering nearly 3 million views.

SmokeScreen is also recognized for being the first independent influencer to create the first Youtube the post-show live streams, which significantly surpassed the official HBO version with around 8,000 live viewers, which also led him to fundraise for St. Jude Children’s Hospital in charity streams in direct. He is also the founder and co-host of The SmokeScreen Podcast, a popular show where he has interviewed some of the game of thrones cast, alongside other notable personalities from the entertainment scene. Its influence extends to various other platforms. SmokeScreen has also been a guest speaker/panellist at fan conventions including Con of Thrones from 2017-2020.

Given his many accomplishments, Chris wants others to understand that building a successful content brand isn’t easy. Although he discovered his passion for the industry at a young age, Chris had to go the traditional route, with everyone expecting him to end up in a white-collar 9am-5pm job. Years later, he would have the opportunity to attend film school, but he couldn’t afford the tuition. But no matter how difficult the journey got, Chris never gave up. He kept his focus, learning while honing his skills.

SmokeScreen’s his hard work and dedication landed him an opportunity in the world of computer technology; an industry that brought him closer to his passion.

“Eventually I landed in computer technology as a career choice, but that creative side was always there, eager to break through. After starting YouTube as a side hobby, I left a lucrative position in the computer industry. (Microsoft) to become a content creator and start an entertainment media-centric business/community,” says SmokeScreen.

The goal was to develop a “digital water cooler” where people from different backgrounds could interact and debate around the franchises they loved. According to SmokeScreen, he always referred to it as a virtual campfire because the impression he wanted to give was a group of friends enjoying a nice chat around a campfire.

Over the years, smoke screen has grown its brand, digging into tradition and expanding its influence. He became not only a YouTube sensation, but also a top author with his first fantasy novel, The Crimson Gods. Her goal is to continue covering pop culture while writing more fantasy books. With a creative mind, SmokeScreen is also looking to venture into the world of non-fiction to write a book about the dark side of social media and its impact on mental health.

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