Pandora Relaunches Pandora ME Collection Featuring Canadian Designer Donte Colley

To celebrate the relaunch of Pandora me, Pandora has teamed up with inspiring artists such as Addison Rae, Charli XCX, Beabadoobee, Cecilia Cantarano and Canadian designer Donte Colley. The collection will focus on empowering everyone to be what they want to be. Gen Z fans want a sense of belonging and personalization, but also being able to be themselves. Celebrating individuality, the Artist Collection is brimming with unique talented individuals who connect through creativity and music!

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Pandora me

In response to Gen Z’s passion for self-expression and style, the new ME collection aims to create a sense of belonging while encouraging self-expression.

“We were inspired by the idea of ​​connecting with a collective of people, driven by creativity and imagination. The endless possibilities of style and customization of the collection are
a catalyst for self-discovery and allows everyone to create personalized looks that represent who they are, ”says Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo, Creative Directors of Pandora.

The collection includes premium metal alloys, freshwater pearls and enamels. Each piece can be personalized to inspire individuality and creativity. The line is available in stores and online from September 30, 2021.

canadian artist Donte Collie shows her love of expressing brightness and joy through dance – reflecting her positive outlook on life. Celebrating his individuality and creative abilities, this collection reflects his journey as it evolved.

With the Pandora ME collection, people can break the rules and defy expectations. Give gives them the ability to wear things in a way that appeals to their individuality. Personalization of the collection is at the heart, with multiple styles of styling, reaffirming the voices of Generation Z. Encourage all wearers to amplify their own unique style!

Feature Image: Donte Colley, Pandora 

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