New website to help advance innovation in the transportation infrastructure sector highlights the digital revolution to build faster, better and smarter

Technological progress is the key to rebuilding better, but also faster and smarter ”,

– Gregory Nadeau

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, Oct. 26, 2021 / – As efforts to push through historic infrastructure funding continue in Congress, Infrastructure Ventures today launched a new website focused on l ‘to come up. Mission IV is to work with private sector innovators and public infrastructure owners to help accelerate transformation in its current focus areas: the realization of comprehensive digital projects and more sustainable structures in the infrastructure sector. transport.

Current IV floodlights in the field of durable structures are deck systems using lightweight composite materials that are strong, more durable, and require less maintenance than traditional materials.

Working with its sponsors and partners in composite bridge structures, electronic ticketing and digital project delivery, Infrastructure Ventures aims to raise awareness among decision makers, practitioners and the public about the critical need for readily available and transformational digital construction technologies in the transport infrastructure sector. . The aim is to reach the state of the art in realizing sustainable digital projects during the next federal law on surface transport, which will probably be five years. The Federal Highway Administration’s inclusion of electronic ticketing and digital models as built in the latest round of innovation initiatives Every Day Counts provides a national rallying cry to make it happen.

“Advances in technology are the key to building better, but also faster and smarter, getting more for our money,” said Gregory Nadeau, Founder and President of Infrastructure Ventures. “Innovation requires commitment and effort. Political leaders must support their front-line innovators as they strive to continue to use new technologies and practices in achieving more sustainable projects and structures. There are champions for change on the front lines of every DOT state in the nation. “

Nadeau, a former federal highway administrator in the Obama-Biden administration, founded Infrastructure Ventures four years ago with the goal of targeting certain innovations for advancement in conjunction with his sponsors and advisers.

IV’s advisory board includes nationally recognized experts in the transportation industry, including former Assistant Secretary of Transportation Victor Mendez, former U.S. Maritime Administrator David Matsuda, and former Illinois Secretary of Transportation, Dr. Ann Schneider. Kempton Strategies is IV’s strategic partner in California and its chairman, Mark Kempton, along with Will Kempton, former director of CalTrans and other important leadership roles during his rich career, also serve on IV’s advisory board. .

IV’s partners and sponsors include companies at the forefront of the digital construction transformation, including Trimble Inc., a leader in connected construction and a provider of advanced digital construction equipment and software that accelerates the delivery of construction. projects; and Haul Hub Technologies, whose electronic ticketing software streamlines the building materials supply chain delivery system and virtually eliminates paper record keeping and processes.

Another IV partner is AIT Bridges, a division of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies of Brewer, Maine, the leading producer of innovative composite vehicle bridge solutions. Most recently, the company delivered the first composite arch bridge system to the West Coast, on the SR 203 in Duvall, Washington.

IV is also managing the recently announced National Building Materials Electronic Ticketing Working Group with attendees and members from Maine to California. IV President Nadeau is the main adviser of the working group.

IV’s website details how new technologies are delivering real results in producing high-quality, sustainable transport infrastructure projects. The website also features a special white paper that explains how this unique opportunity for federal and state leadership can accelerate the transformation of the country’s public infrastructure agencies tasked with delivering projects into an integrated digital world. IV Productions has also produced two new InfoDoc videos that explain the history of the composite bridge and electronic ticketing.

In addition, plans are underway to launch a podcast and accompanying multimedia platform called “InfraTalk America” ​​which will feature conversations with leading experts and influencers in the transportation and infrastructure sectors.

“The state of our infrastructure affects everyone and all sectors of our economy,” Nadeau said. “Infrastructure Ventures and its sponsors and partners are committed to providing a platform that will become a reliable and useful source of truth about our targeted innovation areas for policy makers and the public. “

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