New NLP Training Website Offers Unique Training and Coaching for Ambitious Professionals Around the World

Ambitious professionals use NLP to advance their careers and personal lives. NLP Training offers unique 1: 1 courses across the world.

NLP is life changing. After a layoff, I started a professional services business. Learning with Michael gave me the momentum I needed to take the plunge and the skills to turn my idea into success.

– Joanna B, business manager. London. UK

MILTON KEYNES, UK, October 3, 2021 / – Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) improves communication and influencing skills so people achieve more in their work and family lives. NLP Training is the new website of international NLP coach and trainer Michael Beale.

For decades, thousands of people around the world have used NLP to overcome obstacles and achieve success. Michael Beale works internationally with professionals of all ages, helping them learn to become more effective at what they do – both at work and in their personal lives.

The main benefits achieved by individuals are increased communication and influencing skills – both with themselves and with others – as well as greater creativity, resilience and mental flexibility.

The most popular certified PNL training programs are the PNL Practitioner, PNL Master Practitioner and PNL Coach Practitioner training. Certification is by Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, and SNLP. Non-certified courses include coaching, health, hypnosis, leadership, sales, and seduction.

The services offered are aimed specifically at people and organizations wishing to improve their skills in leadership, coaching, sales, project management and relationships.

The 1: 1 over 6 month format works exceptionally well for ambitious professionals as they have enough time to clarify what will make the program useful to them and also to test approaches in their environment, developing them to achieve real results. It also gives them enough time to establish powerful habits that will serve them well in the future, long after the program ends.

Programs are normally based on 1 hour per week plus reading and exercise. Additional sessions can be booked to rehearse real life challenges and opportunities.

Each program is divided into 4 sections:
1. Free discovery, so potential delegates can determine the value of the program for themselves.
2. Thematic content area specific to the program.
3. Voluntary project to develop skills in a specific environment.
4. Integration, so that delegates can apply what they have learned in their professional and personal lives.

The free discovery phase consists of 3 sessions and is accessible to anyone genuinely interested in the program and having a suitable budget. There is no commitment to continue if the time is not right. To excel in the program, people need a touch of ambition, courage, discipline and honesty. They also need to devote a minimum of time and energy, so the discovery phase really helps them figure out what will make the program useful for them.

The new NLP training website is a natural development of its sister site, NLP Techniques, which shares hundreds of free videos and training tips for people new to NLP or wanting to brush up on their skills.

Michael is a Richard Bandler Certified NLP Trainer and Coach and a Marshall Goldsmith Leadership and Team Coach. He has been running Business NLP Ltd for over 15 years. Previously, he has 30 years of experience in purchasing, marketing, business development and business strategy with large UK companies.

“NLP is life changing. After a layoff, I started a professional services business. Learning with Michael gave me the momentum I needed to take the plunge and the skills to turn my idea into success. Joanna B. Entrepreneur, London. UK

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