NBA launches ‘Creator Series’ in Europe with specially commissioned artwork to celebrate league’s 75th anniversary season

Picture: NBA

LONDONAugust 01, 2022 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) today announced the launch of the “NBA Creator Series”, a series of original artwork commissioned by the NBA featuring artists from France, Greece, from Italy, Spain and the UK to celebrate league landmark 75e Anniversary season in 2021-22.

Featuring a diverse range of styles and compositions, each artwork centers on the artists’ passion for the NBA, their favorite moments in league history, and the connections between Europe and basketball. Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 2, and every Tuesday of the month, each artwork will be posted on NBA social media across Europe. Each release will be accompanied by behind-the-scenes video content from each artist focusing on their development of the artwork and their relationship to basketball and the NBA. Below are brief overviews of each artist participating in the NBA Creator Series and their work:

  • Anaïa Treasure (France): Anaïa, who represented France internationally in basketball, including winning a gold medal at the 2017 European U-16 Championship and a silver medal at the 2017 U-17 World Championship, combined her passion for basketball with art studies in the United States. Born in Evreux and living in Montpellier, her profile as an artist grew considerably when she started sharing charcoal portraits of athletes and artists on her Instagram account because of their stunning realism. She also draws inspiration from causes close to her heart, which shines through in her work. Anaïa’s work will be released on August 2 on Facebook (@NBAFrance), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBAFrance) and YouTube (@NBAEurope).
  • Charis Tsevis (Greece): Based in Pafos, Cyprus, Charis is a multi-award winning company visual designer, illustrator and artistic director who specializes in digital mosaics, high complexity illustrations and neo-futurist compositions. Since 1996, Charis has been a visiting professor of editorial design and typography at several educational institutes around the world and has lectured at several national and international conferences and symposia. Charis’ work will be published on August 9 on Facebook (@NBAHellas), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@nbahellas) and YouTube (@NBAEurope).
  • Maria Emege (Spain): María Emegé is an illustrator, video game concept artist and designer from Madrid. She has illustrated for international companies, books, magazines and NFT galleries, and has lectured and taught at university level. Her specialty is the traditional art of watercolor, with which she paints live at events and sells original works to major art collectors. Maria’s work will be published on August 16 on Facebook (@NBASpain), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBASpain) and YouTube (@NBAEurope and @NBASPAIN).
  • Ruben Dangoor (UK): British artist Reuben Dangoor creates works strongly influenced by current events and his environment in London. As the first artist to bring the stars of the Grime music movement into UK museums, his work and collaborations have appeared on TV shows and as part of consumer and fashion brands and video games. In 2018, his work went viral when his line drawings of the England men’s national football team were picked up online, in print and on TV. Reuben’s artwork will be posted August 23 on Facebook (@nbauk), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBAUK) and YouTube (@NBAEurope).
  • Francesco Persichelle (Italy): Born in Bari, Francesco Persichella, alias “Piskv”, is an architect and visual artist currently based in Rome. Having always been interested in architecture and art, he tries to find a synthesis through street art that allows him to interact with the architectural context, enhancing it through the beauty of the representation. His artistic career developed in the Italian capital, where he became known by carrying out numerous street art interventions in the city and participating in exhibitions and events. His aesthetic ranges from the realistic style to the futuristic-cubist geometric style, all united by a purely figurative attitude. Piskv’s work will be published on August 30 on Facebook (@NBAItalia), Instagram (@NBAEurope), Twitter (@NBAItalia) and YouTube (@NBAEurope).

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