Mila Kunis teams up with Indian superhero creator Sharad Devarajan and launches entertainment franchise – The New Indian Express


LOS ANGELES: ‘Black Swan’ star Mila Kunis has teamed up with superhero creator Sharad Devarajan of Graphic India.

The two have launched a new entertainment franchise called Armored Kingdom Media Inc. which will span a web3 collectible card game, digital comics, animations and movies. It will be built on the carbon-neutral, community-driven blockchain, NEAR, ‘Deadline’ reports.

To commemorate the launch of the sci-fi/fantasy franchise, a limited edition comic book number 0 NFT will be available free for seven days. Armored Kingdom follows the medieval dynasties of Armoria, a world named after a powerful and mysterious metal, Armorite. No one has been able to mine Armorite, no one since the Ancestors, a vanished dynasty that used it to forge magical weapons now scattered across the lands.

Each of these weapons has the ability to alter the balance of power between warring dynasties, which include humans; the jungle creatures of the Kingdom of the Horn; the amphibious Costraca; and the Warri, a society of secret assassins.

According to “Deadline”, Armored Kingdom comics and games are championed by Kunis, who is an avid TCG/MMO gamer herself, and has already launched a number of projects in the Web3 animation space. .

Kunis said in a statement accessible by ‘Deadline’, “I lost a good part of my youth to gaming, from World of WarCraft to Settlers of Catan. The moment I dove into Web3, I saw the opportunity to create an immersive universe where blockchain technology deepens the gaming experience and makes it more personal and immersive for every fan. Armored Kingdom will allow players to identify with their characters and gear in a revolutionary way , and we look forward to sharing that with you very soon.

A series of five digital and physical comic book issues will be the first asset launched in the collection, bringing people into the world of Armored Kingdom and setting the stage for the digital card game’s launch later this year.

From Devarajan, this is a “dream project” for him. He said: “Armored Kingdom has all the elements of a great science fiction fantasy story that will take global audiences to a place of wonder. This new storytelling experience will push Web3 technology further than ever before, we We therefore turned to NEAR to help us make this a reality. Their expertise in community management, advocacy for the creative sector and their carbon-neutral and user-friendly development platform won us over.”

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