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Maximilian Dood’s Twitch Channel # 1 priority couldn’t be clearer: “Get excited about games and deliver maximum HYPE viewing experience. The 38-year-old Los Angeles native is the most successful and prolific content creator in the fighting game community, posting at least one video a day on YouTube for over a decade, this which puts it at 5,761 videos (and it’s not over) at the time. of this writing. After being fired from his job as an online video game producer in 2011, Dood – whose background is actually in illustration – had his great luck as a creator when Capcom took notice of his channel. and approached him to ask him to create official game tutorials. for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. He took the theatrical approach to the concert and created Assist Me !, a web series of parody tutorials and dramatic characters in which Dood and his unwanted roommate, “Doom,” meet various members of the game’s cast, the guiding through their respective mechanics, tactical specialties and other strategies to help players excel.

Since then, the content creator has broadened the scope of his work to include commentary, reaction videos, gameplay, and another weekly series called YoVideogames, which finds Dood and his friends playing games together. The increased desire for unscripted content aligned well with Dood’s entry into streaming. And the straightforward and sympathetic approach to his comments, combined with his expertise in fighting games and his commitment to high production values, has only grown his following. Today, he has 1.42 million subscribers on YouTube and a further 973,000 on Twitch, not to mention his paid subscribers. While other creators might let those numbers go to their heads, Dood is loath to think of himself as an influencer. Internet fame isn’t what drives him, it’s his love of the game itself that keeps him dedicated to the grind. Maybe that’s what makes her videos so special and keeps her audiences coming back for more. It’s less like watching a stream and more like hanging out with a friend who is just as excited about a game as you are. At the end of the day, it’s about doods being doods.

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