Marvel & IDW Cover Artist Tess Fowler Accuses Overmind Creator Jon Del Arroz Of Being A ‘Nazi Holocaust Denial Sympathizer’

In response to recent reports from Bounding Into Comics about his claims that Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver was “radicalizing incels,” Marvel and IDW cover artist Tess Fowler accused the author of the story, Jon Del Arroz, of being a “Holocaust-denying Nazi sympathizer”. .

[Disclaimer: Del Arroz, as noted above, is a contributing writer for Bounding into Comics and a friend of several of this site’s staff members]

Source: That One Comic Book Show – Episode 83 Classic D&D with Tess Fowler and B Dave Walters, Project Content Lifeboat YouTube

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The article that angered Fowler, as published on June 4 and titled “Dungeons and Dragons Artist Tess Fowler Blames Ethan Van Sciver for ‘Endlessly Driving Hate At Amber Heard'”, saw Del Arroz attract public attention not only to his aforementioned accusation that Van Sciver was “radicalizing incels”, but that he was transitively responsible for “endless hate against Amber Heard” throughout his recent losing legal battle with his ex. husband Johnny Depp.

Source: Justice League by Zack Snyder (2021), Warner Bros. Pictures

“It’s what radicalizes the incels, right here,” Fowler wrote on June 2 in reference to Van Sciver, as Del Arroz testifies in his article. “Do you want to know the source? Want to know who’s preying on out-of-work comic book pros and pushing trolls into your social media mentions? This guy. He’s worse than Alex Jones. All you have to do is watch what he posts.

In the tweets quoted by Fowler, Van Sciver can be seen opposing abortion, celebrating Kyle Rittenhouse’s efforts to hold the media accountable for their vilification and character vilification, and asserting that male feminists are “p— –s [who] don’t understand that when a woman loves and respects you, she wants to take care of you”.

Archive link Source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

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“Whatever your opinion of Heard/Depp, he’s one of the weird and obsessive devotees of this guy who was named in the lawsuit for endlessly stirring up hate against Amber online,” he said. she added, ostensibly referencing YouTuber ThatUmbrellaGuy. “The volume of their hate-filled lies is overwhelming to handle. I speak from experience.

Archive link source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

She concluded, “Know the source. Know what and who you are dealing with so you are not caught off guard. Better not to hire them. To block. Block their followers. Be careful.”

Archive link source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

Faced with the denial of her claims, Fowler took to Twitter on June 7 to extrapolate her frustration at being criticized in a general move by the Comicsgate movement, writing, “A holocaust denying [email protected] A sympathizer who worships EVS wrote an article about me for a hate site showing despicable tweets about killing vulnerable groups of people in my mentions, but of course your little comic book club is not a hate group. No. No way.”

Archive link source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

Nothing scares me after cancer, but I would really like those of you who are still hesitant to associate with CG people or CG adjacent people to rethink your dithering,” she wrote. . “It’s a hate group. Period.”

Archive link Source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

In support of his accusation against Del Arroz, Fowler provided screenshots of a June 7 Twitter thread where, in response to fantasy and science fiction author Larry Corria’s announcement that he would appear on the Van Sciver livestream that evening, Twitter user @TheVikkieVerse asked, “So Ethan’s good friend Jon Don Arroz was always a Holocaust denier or is it something new?”

Archive link Source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

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Drawing a response of “It’s a weird thing to call refusing to date you”, from Van Sciver himself, @TheVikkiVerse responded with two clips of alleged anti-Semitism from Del Arroz.

Archive link Source: Ethan Van Sciver’s Twitter

In the first, during a live chat between himself, writer J. Ishiro Finney and his attorney Peter Bradley, Arroz can be heard watching a separate livestream from Comicsgate affiliate creator Matt Bahr and to mock his claim that “millions of Jews” were killed. in the Holocaust, “It was probably more like 300,000.”

The clip shared by @TheVikkiVerse then cuts to a text card that reads, “485,000 Jews were killed at Camp Belzac alone.”

In the second, responding to a tweet from Bahr in which he replied, “The number is 6 million and not ‘more like 300,000.’ Seek help,” Del Arroz replies, “I’m sorry, 300,000 was just an estimate I made yesterday. I just want to say sorry to all the 6 billion Jews who were killed, because if it’s wrong to underestimate, I’m going to overestimate it to be safe.

“But anyway, I feel bad for the 6 billion Jews who were probably killed, just to be safe on this one,” he says.

Another title card then appears noting that “Jon Del Arroz deprived his two [relevant] live broadcasts.

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Viewing the clip himself, Van Sciver replied to @TheVikkiVerse: “Between 5.1 and 5.95 million Jews were murdered in the Holocaust. The exact figure cannot be known. People round up their estimate to 6 million.

“Understating is no fun, and JDA should know better,” he said.

Archive link Source: Ethan Van Sciver’s Twitter

Van Sciver’s response in turn drew one from Del Arroz, who informed his fellow comic book creator, “I get in trouble sometimes for pissed off jokes. Some like my sense of humor, some don’t. I apologize Ethan and I’ll be fine. I love Jews.

Archive link Source: Jon Del Arroz’s Twitter

“Shalom,” Van Sciver tweeted at Del Arroz. “Jokes are jokes, but that video that Vikki shares and her assertion that you are a neo-Nazi or very similar will cost you opportunities and money. Anti-Semitism has no place in ComicsGate. J I’m afraid I can’t promote you and make you at least $70,000.

Archive link Source: Ethan Van Sciver’s Twitter

The conversation was later joined by Twitter user @pokerwhore72, who told Van Sciver, “You know, if everyone blocked her, she’d be nothing.”

Archive link Source: Twitter @pokerwhore72

“Your sister just made a distinction between ‘Holocaust denier anti-Semite’ and ‘neo-Nazi,'” Van Sciver said. “I haven’t had my coffee yet. “She also thinks I’m trying to give myself some leeway to socialize with JDA, rather than warning her and her dumb friends about another libel lawsuit.”

Archive link Source: Ethan Van Sciver’s Twitter

“I don’t care if you ‘socialize’ with JDA,” @TheVikkieVerse wrote. “I don’t care if you ‘promote’ JDA. You want to accept Holocaust deniers who label Jews, including your children, as “bad guys” in your movement, go ahead. I will report it anyway. »

Archive link Source: Twitter @TheVikkieVerse

“You must be the dumbest woman on the face of the earth,” Van Sciver concluded.

Archive link Source: Ethan Van Sciver’s Twitter

Addressing this exchange further, Fowler continued, “He pretends to scold his friend that he can’t deny the Holocaust in public because he would lose money, then insults the woman who told him. His supporters agree.

Comicsgate is a hate group,” she claimed.

Archive link Source: Tess Fowler’s Twitter

Informed of this article’s upcoming writing and publication via internal and official Bounding Into Comics channels, Del Arroz made the following preemptive comment: “These comic professionals are frustrated that a ComicsGate creator crush on Kickstarter.”

“We’re not supposed to be able to compete on the platform, and my book resonates so well with general readers that throws them into a panic,” said Del Arroz, whose sci-fi thriller graphic novel OVERMIND is currently in progress. open to crowdfunding on Kickstarter. “It shows that CG can go anywhere and win.”

Source: Overmind (2022), Jon Del Arroz. Art by Mrs. Krimson.

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