LinkedIn Adds New Elements to “Creator Mode,” Including Audio Events and New Audience Growth Opportunities

LinkedIn has announced new additions to its creator mode, which gives users more ways to build their presence on the professional social network.

Adding to its existing Creator Mode elements – including access to LinkedIn LIVE and the newsletter – LinkedIn is now also adding audio events, displaying URL links on profile, and other ways to build your following in the app.

First, on Audio Events – originally launched in beta mode in January, LinkedIn now offers all Creator Mode users access to its audio rooms option.

As you can see in this example, LinkedIn Audio Events are very similar to Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, with the ability to host in-app audio chats.

Originally only available to a select few users, LinkedIn is now making the option more widely available – and really, overall, it looks like the option might be a better fit for LinkedIn than almost anywhere else.

With the ability to facilitate professional connection through industry-aligned meetings and discussions, and to align with the broader WFH shift, audio sessions within LinkedIn could be a valuable addition – and If your favorite creators in the app start streaming regularly, it might just be worth tuning in to get the latest news and updates in your industry.

Either way, this will be another tool to consider for those looking to boost their presence on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is also adding a new option for creator mode participants to add a link at the top of their LinkedIn profileso that the public can learn more about them and their brand.

LinkedIn Creator Mode Update

As you can see here, the new option will allow you to add a storefront link on your LinkedIn presence, which could help drive more referral traffic from within the app.

LinkedIn is also looking to help creators grow their following, both on the platform and offline, with a new way to share a quick link to your LinkedIn profile that can be embedded on websites and blogs, or forwarded in e-mails.

“With just one click, someone’s audience can instantly follow them on LinkedIn from any of their other platforms, making it easier to discover content on LinkedIn.”

LinkedIn is also adding new follow buttons in the main feed and search results to help connect users directly with relevant voices, while searches for a specific company or topic will now also include recommendations for people to follow. who regularly talk about these topics.

LinkedIn Creator Mode Update

Finally, LinkedIn will now automatically add a user as a follower if it sends a connection request to a user who has creator mode enabled.

“When someone invites a LinkedIn creator to connect on the platform, that person will automatically become a follower of that creator. This means that they will automatically start seeing updates to the creator’s posts in their feed, even if their connection request is pending.

Which seems a bit forced, and probably not the ideal way to help users grow their following. But the basic concept is that if a user has expressed a clear and definitive interest in this creator, by sending them a connection request, it probably also means that they are interested in what they have to share in the app. .

This could be a boon for creators looking to get more subscribers – but again, I’m not sure it’s as beneficial for the regular user, who may end up unknowingly following people and cluttering up their flow accordingly.

I guess part of the problem here will be those looking to connect with people they don’t actually know, because now they’ll end up getting a bunch of profile updates they don’t really care about, and were calling just to improve their numbers. But that’s not how you’re supposed to use the platform, so the potential fallout, in this case, would be your fault to some extent.

Still, that could be problematic, as growth hackers will now be activating creator mode in record numbers in hopes of inflating their subscriber numbers with minimal effort.

All in all, these are some nice additions, which provide a new ability for LinkedIn creators to boost their presence in the app. The main benefit of establishing a presence on LinkedIn is that it can help establish you as a thought leader in your industry, and this can have significant benefits from a professional standpoint, opening up new doors and boosting your job prospects, simply by posting on the app.

These tools will certainly improve this aspect, and you can see how they could be of significant value, in different ways.

The new Creator Mode options are rolling out starting today – you can learn more about Creator Mode and how to enable it for your profile here.

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