Lark Davis Net Worth – YouTube Crypto Content Creator

Lark Davis is a crypto content creator with a net worth of $ 3 million. The New Zealander has been on YouTube since 2009, but only started uploading videos in 2017. From that point on, he developed a large following, attracting over 450,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel ( formerly known as “The Crypto Lark”).

Davis is known to present himself as a very approachable character, combining a light sense of humor with critical thinking skills. On YouTube, Lark mainly shares his thoughts on the latest Bitcoin price movements, forecasts and news impacting the market.

The advice he shares is based on his own experience and he aims to help subscribers avoid losing money. He also enjoys sharing his take on passive income strategies such as yield farming and staking.

Lark loved space travel as a child and dreamed of becoming an astronaut. However, he eventually decided to study political science and government studies, earning a master’s degree from the University of Auckland in 2013. He also has a teaching background which allowed him to start his own teaching career by publishing online courses.

Through the Kajabi platform, it offers a Cryptocurrency Explained course, aimed at beginners. Teach beginners the basic concepts of trading and the basics of blockchain technology. The beginner’s course costs $ 99, a bit pricey when there is so much free information online.

In addition, Davis runs a weekly newsletter through Twitter’s Review platform and through the Control of wealth website, accessed by subscribing to a membership program for $ 39 per month.

Lark is a strong supporter of Bitcoin and believes it can reach $ 500,000 in the next five years. He is a long term holder and believes that the price action in the short term is largely irrelevant to how the asset will be valued in the long term. However, he still discusses the current state of the market and comments on recent events affecting prices.

He has shown a keen interest in Ethereum and Layer 2 solutions like Polygon, the latter designed to solve Ethereum’s current gas royalty issues.

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His Twitter account (@TheCryptoLark) has approximately 820,000 subscribers and is very active online. According to a tweet published on December 14, 2021, Bitcoin and Ethereum make up half of its portfolio. The remaining half is invested in ecosystem games that offer a much better ROI opportunity than layer one protocols. Although he likes NFTs, he won’t be investing large sums of money in space.

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