Judge dismisses content creator’s libel lawsuit against comedian / singer


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A judge on Friday dismissed a libel action brought by a social media and digital marketing strategist and co-host of the “Girl, I Guess” podcast against a comedian / singer whom the plaintiff previously mentored and helped get a gig singing the national anthem during a 2020 Clippers playoff game.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Monica Bachner finalized an interim decision granting Jessie Woo’s motion to dismiss Karen Civil’s case, finding Civil had failed to meet legal defamation standards given that she is a public figure.

Civil “has not fulfilled her onus of showing that she can establish that (Woo’s) statements were made with actual malice or reckless disregard for their truth or falsity,” Bachner wrote.

The judge heard arguments Thursday and took the case under advisement before rendering his final ruling on Friday.

In her lawsuit filed on March 18, Civil says she secured invitations for Woo to important events, including the performance of the national anthem in a 2020 Clippers playoff game. Civil’s lawsuit against Woo , 30, born in Canada, also alleged false light, unfair enrichment and the intentional imposition of emotional distress.

Woo’s attorneys call for all claims against their client to be dismissed under the state’s anti-SLAPP law – Strategic Public Participation Lawsuit – which seeks to prevent people from using the courts, and potential threats prosecution, to intimidate those who exercise their First Amendment rights.

“Among the defamatory statements made about me, Jessica alleged that I was a thief, rallying people to harass her online, disrupting her livelihood, and causing her to be deleted. Instagram page, without providing evidence for any of the allegations, ”Civil said in an affidavit opposing Woo’s anti-SLAPP motion.

But in her ruling, the judge said there was “no evidence to suggest that (Woo) did not believe the truth of her claim that (Civil) deleted her Instagram account in retaliation, even though such belief was wrong and even though (Civil) has evidence to suggest that such a claim was not true.

Civil further stated in her statement that she “never asked my friends or acquaintances to post negative comments or harass Jessica” and that she did nothing to delete the accused’s Instagram account. , adding that since January, Woo has “relentlessly used his social media platforms to upset me by slandering me whenever the opportunity presents itself.”

Civil said Woo’s anger at her “persists as she has continued to make defamatory statements about me.”

On August 14, Woo used his Twitter and YouTube platforms to falsely claim that Civil was using Haiti’s natural disaster relief efforts for his own personal gain, according to Civil, who, like Woo, has Haitian roots.

Civil, 36, has created digital content for artists such as Lil Wayne, the late Nipsey Hussle, YG, Jeezy, Nicki Minaj, Dave East, Andre Berto, Pusha T and Nick Cannon, according to the lawsuit.

Dubbed by the New Yorker the “girl who made Hillary Clinton cool,” Civil was an integral part of the former Democratic presidential candidate’s social media marketing campaign, her costume said.

Civil has also been Beats by Dre’s chief digital marketing officer for more than six years, the lawsuit said. She’s mentored Woo over the years and over the 2019 Grammys weekend she got an invite for her when she wasn’t on the Spotify Best New Artist Party list, the costume says.

In January 2020, Civil invited Woo to his Super Bowl brunch in Miami and introduced the comedian to other players in the music industry to help him with his career, the costume said.

In August 2020, Civil’s efforts allowed Woo to sing the national anthem in a Clippers playoff game, the costume says. In November 2020, Civil and Ming Lee struck a deal with the Joe Budden Podcast Network to produce “Girl, I Guess,” which has been well received and has had over a million streams since it premiered on January 20, according to the pursuit .

Woo alleged in a tweet 11 days later that Civil told him in a private conversation that a friend of Woo’s stole the complainant’s idea for a podcast, according to the prosecution. Woo then went on to add that Civil was actually the one who raised the idea of ​​the plaintiff’s podcast with the defendant’s friend, according to the lawsuit.

“What does Karen do other than fly?” … My point still stands, ”Woo tweeted, according to the costume.

“One of the fundamental requirements of any successful media and entertainment website is that it accurately informs its audience in an impartial and objective manner about emerging trends and the latest news in the entertainment industry,” the lawsuit said. . “Ms. Civil’s podcast is part of her name and brand, so for (Woo) to attack Ms. Civil’s integrity, her podcast and image have to attack Ms. Civil more herself.

Woo then posted several tweets accusing Civil of theft, explicitly addressing the details of a private conversation that had taken place between them, according to the prosecution.

Woo then tweeted an invitation to all of his subscribers who may have witnessed a deception by Civil or had been personally victimized by the plaintiff to send the information to the defendant’s Google Mail account, the prosecution said.

Woo has “irreparably damaged Civil’s credibility as a social media and digital marketing strategist, damaging his brand and his potential to do business in the entertainment industry,” the lawsuit said.

But in her own statement, Woo says that Civil “pretended to be a champion of black women, but stole a podcast idea and name concept from another black woman, then attempted to further abuse her victim with a black woman. smear campaign ”.

Woo said she was “positive” that the deletion of her social media accounts was caused by Civil.

“I was extremely frustrated, especially because my social media accounts are, in essence, my livelihood,” Woo said.

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