Josh Content Creator Vejeeta Releases New Single Titled “Move On”



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Josh, Dailyhunt’s short video app, has become a trendsetter on social media with its refreshing and ready-to-use content from various genres. Home app is one stop destination for all viral videos in multiple languages.


It is the perfect place for all upcoming talents to show off their creative skills and achieve their starry dreams in the most enjoyable way. Well, there is more to this awesome platform. Since its inception, it has held some interesting events for its content creators, and they have all been huge blockbuster hits.

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Coming into Josh’s talent pool, popular music artist Vejeeta stole hearts and how from the moment he entered this platform. Rapper and popstar Josh is now back with another fabulous single titled “Move On”, which was released under the Saga Pop label. Vejeeta has teamed up with famous Bollywood singer Ankit Chhabra and his former partner and music producer IT Simar for this project.


Revealing the beans for his new track, Vejeeta shared that he wanted to compose a sad song with party beats. He said, “Every teenager these days goes through heartbreak. So, I thought through my song, I would convey the message that there’s nothing wrong with moving on.” Vejeta revealed that the first three verses of his new song focus on heartbreak while the last talks about how you can overcome heartbreak and move on.” Vejeeta’s track “Move On” has already hit a million views on YouTube.

Watch the song-

Speaking of Vejeeta’s upcoming projects, the music prodigy will likely release his next song on May 1st. This track will be more of a family number.

Vejeeta slowly sings his way into people’s hearts with his wonderful talent, and Josh has been his constant companion on his journey so far.

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Article first published: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 1:36 p.m. [IST]

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