InstaViral launches new website and order processing system

New software for faster processing is finally live

Today, one of the leading Instagram marketing agencies, InstaViral, announced the launch of a new website with improved speed, user interface (user interface) and more features for website users and customers. regular customers. As InstaViral CEO Nikolas Geeslin noted, a completely redesigned order fulfillment system is able to queue, process and complete twice as many orders with an accuracy of at least 95 % in less time.

Another interesting feature of the new system is the way it is built. Unlike the previous order processing system involving human application, the new one is quite automated and requires minimal supervision. It also simplifies the ordering process, increases speed and ensures data security and customer satisfaction.

In his announcement of the new InstaViral, Nickolas Geeslin affirmed the Liquid Data algorithmic approach of the new system, which enables order processing based on the user’s initial response. “By definition, Liquid Data’s algorithms are flexible neural network algorithms that modify the underlying equations to constantly adapt to incoming data. From a practical standpoint, these algorithms allow the software to automatically collect and process user responses, and adjust subsequent steps accordingly. Performed continuously, these systems are trained to recognize patterns of behavior and not only to accurately predict user response, but to set certain standards based on criteria observed over time.

InstaViral uses these algorithms to promote user posts to the public on public forums, blogs, and through our own social media channels and those of our partners and affiliates. We employ ML (Machine Learning) and data professionals to create and maintain intelligent software to minimize human involvement and streamline the promotion of Instagram posts and profiles. While likes-for-like or follow-for-follow systems are the marketing signature of today, the “follow if you like me” approach is the future. As conscious creatures, Instagram users don’t like to be cheated or manipulated, whether for some reward or for other gain. Something as simple as predicting the likelihood that a 40-year-old mother of two from Twin Cities, Minnesota, being interested in purchasing soft drinks, could have a direct impact on small business income. .

Since Instagram is one of the most important platforms in social media marketing, the strategic promotion of Instagram posts is what enables low-budget businesses to develop their profiles and the trust of their audiences, ”said Nikolas. Geeslin during the speech on the launch of the new InstaViral website. ”Unlike other marketing companies, InstaViral takes advantage of native advertising and forum activity as well as laser-focused ML algorithms to ensure the desired number of likes, views or comments on ordered posts in just a few hours, instead of weeks (or even months), it takes a profile to achieve any level of visibility possible. “

With all the publicity surrounding the company’s first smart software of such caliber, it’s the users who are making bold claims. Recognizing the role of customers in achieving the company’s mission, Nickolas Geeslin concluded: “The new website is the result of a collective effort in terms of UI / UX design and customer service. We will not be able to improve the navigation and usability of the website without regular surveys and performance reviews. Some of the new features, like the all-in-one ordering tool, came about through spontaneous suggestions.

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InstaViral is a leading Instagram engagement and growth agency with over 50 social media marketers, data analysts, brand strategists, influencers, and code savvy professionals empowering emerging creators and brands on Instagram. Its mission is to ensure that everyone with quality content can develop follow-up, engagement and brand recognition.

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