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Instagram first emerged as a platform where people posted photos just because they liked them. Sure, they probably still love the pictures now – but there’s a big difference. Now people can get a lot of money for the things they post as well.

With every piece of content you post, you get a certain number of likes and followers – provided your posts are good. Many brands may not have a large following, so they reach out to you, the contact creator, to promote their products.

But what should you promote as a content creator? Are there particular brands that you should seek referrals from? Or is there maybe some type of message you should focus on promotion? Well, this article will give you some ideas.

Why promote your content?

Now, you have surely come across this question in your head; why promote and not just post? Surely your subscribers should be able to see your content in their News Feed, even if you don’t promote paid promotion, right?

Here’s the problem: you’re not the only person trying to get their followers’ attention. There are a lot of influencers and brands out there who want to be successful, so if you leave it that way, they’ll likely get lost somewhere in the Instagram feed.

Additionally, normal posts may not reach a large number of your audience. For example, a piece of content that you post now may reach people who are online then, but may not reach those who will likely not log in until later. Also, if you have a larger number of subscribers, maybe not all of them will be your target audience.

The promoted content, however, will allow you to personalize your target audience. You can choose demographics, niches, your interests – whatever you might find relevant. Posts will be pushed up and there will be more people likely to see your content.

What to focus on

Ultimately, the promoted post will be up to you, the content creator. With that in mind, you should focus on the posts that are most likely to go viral. Here’s what a successful creator typically promotes on Instagram.

1. Relevant marks

Imagine browsing a makeup artist’s Instagram page, looking for inspiration for your next look, and suddenly seeing a sponsored post on the content creator’s collaboration with a cleaning company.

Sure, everything might look nice and clean, but that’s not what you came to their page for. You have come for makeup advice, which is why you will have no hesitation in scrolling through this post. You might strike up just because you’re a fan, but the chances that you’ll need or be interested in this promoted post will be low.

That is why you should choose brands that are related to your niche. To take the same example, if you are a makeup artist, you might want to stick with makeup. As an alternative, if you are also doing something special to your hair besides makeup, you might want to sponsor a brand that does that too.

This way, by promoting content on brands that are relevant to you, there will be a greater chance that they will interact with your post. They will come in, buy the product, and then generate leads for you.

2. Unique brands and content

Many Instagram content creators are afraid to post unique or maybe even mildly controversial posts. They are afraid that their posts will be deleted or that their followers will not like what they post. However, these messages are likely to attract the most attention.

For example, let’s say you have an Instagram account that focuses on natural remedies and dietary supplements. Softgels are the most popular and everyone seems to love curcumin. So you’ve decided to go for some brands that offer curcumin capsules.

That said, curcumin capsules are already pretty much everywhere. So why not go for something similar, but at the same time something new and fresh? For example, CBD oil is very popular these days, and more and more people are curious about what it can do. Promote some Organic CBD capsule with curcumin maybe exactly what the doctor ordered.

The more interesting the content, the more likely it is to go viral. Content that is found to be fascinating and useful will get more engagement, that’s why you need to focus on promoting this sort of thing in the first place. This will allow you to share on a variety of platforms, earning you likes and possibly leads.

3. Video content

Although Instagram is known for hosting photos, you can also post videos there. And short video content is growing in popularity these days.

This is why you should focus on short but informative clips. Usually, around 15 seconds is enough for the viewer to engage with your content. Don’t make fancy video clips; just a short introductory video of the product or content that you are promoting.

4. Appropriate hashtags

Ultimately, when promoting content, you should also carefully consider the hashtags in your niche. Which are the most popular and how does your content relate to these hashtags?

Instagram usually tells you which hashtag is popular with the audience, so you can take your pick from there. Remember, rather than choosing the hashtag based on the post, it is best to organize the post around the hashtag. It will make all the difference between getting little engagement and getting a lot of engagement.

The bottom line

At the end of the day, the things you promote will primarily depend on your brand. Focus on a brand that matches your goal and make sure you choose the right hashtags. As long as you are promoting to the right audience, you should start to see returns in the sponsorship term.

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