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After being in the development phase for a while now, Instagram has finally open its doors to test its Creator Marketplace functionality. The company says the new launch will help advertisers find their potential customers.

The functionality is very similar to Facebook’s famous Brand Collabs Manager, designed for a similar purpose.

The company broke the news via a public statement that detailed how Instagram is working hard to make its Creator Marketplace an effective tool for brands to showcase themselves and find the creators they need.

Brands would be allowed to use their desktops located in Meta’s Business Suite so that various creators would be screened based on specifics such as interests, hobbies, number of followers, age and, of course, gender.

On top of that, brands will now find it easier to find creators aligned with their target audience demographics using various filters that reveal the country, city, age, and interests of those audience members. . This can be determined by followers who have tagged them or those who are already following them.

As you can see, the tool is very diverse and comprehensive in terms of performing searches. Therefore, brands that have specific requirements would benefit most from these tools, as they have great value for creative campaigns.

Remember that most of the trending content in today’s digital world is related to reels and it is something that requires a great knowledge of trends and user behavior in order to get the best engagement and audience appeal in the marketplace.

Instagram adds that brands will now have full control of their campaign process when aligned with the respective customers they have handpicked themselves. This includes a number of details such as specific deliverables, payments, and other information.

During this time, all messages sent by brands to their creators will once again land in a space or inbox specifically allocated and reserved for this partnership. Thus, brands and creators can also collaborate and communicate directly through the Instagram app.

This adds a whole new degree of convenience, not to mention a fabulous way to get the most out of a company’s in-app marketing efforts.

At this time, it’s only being tested for specific US brands on the app that receive a special invite. Therefore, the rest of us will just have to wait a bit longer for the final launch.

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