How The Cops Focused On Sulli Deals Creator | Delhi News

New Delhi: The alleged creator of the controversial Sulli Deals app, identified as Aumkareshwar Thakur (26), has been arrested by the Delhi Police Intelligence Fusion & Strategic Pps (IFSO) unit. He resides in Indore in Madhya Pradesh.
DCP (Special Cell) KPS Malhotra stated that Thakur was a web developer and had a bachelor’s degree in computer applications. His alleged motive was to troll and defame women after discussions on a trad group on Twitter. TOI was the first to report on Sunday that the key suspect in the case had been apprehended by MP.
Sulli Deals was posted on GitHub in July of last year, allowing people to participate in an online “auction” of Muslim women. The Bulli Bai app released in December was similar software.
The cybercell had filed an FIR in the Sulli Deals case on July 7, 2021 and sent a request to GitHub for user details the same day. A reminder was sent a week later. However, the platform declined to share details and asked the police to go through the legal route.
Delhi Police then initiated the MLAT procedure and the case was sent to the Union Home Office via the Home Office of the Delhi government. Subsequently, the MLAT proposal was drafted and sent to the US Department of Justice.
Thakur lived with his parents and a brother in Newyork City Township in Indore. Her father is a sales manager in a private company. The family had planned to celebrate her birthday on January 17. His father claimed Thakur was innocent. His brother works with a leading software consulting company.
“Thakur admitted that he was a member of a traditional group on Twitter where the idea of ​​defaming and trolling Muslim women was shared. He developed the code on GitHub, ”said Malhotra.
Access to the app and GitHub account was with all group members and Thakur had also shared the app on his Twitter account. Photos of Muslim women were uploaded by members of the group, a senior officer said, indicating that further arrests were likely.
The operations in the Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai business were carried out by two special teams led by ACP Raman Lamba. One team included Inspector Hansraj and Sub-Inspectors Neeraj and Pawan, while the other consisted of Inspector Bhanu Pratap and ASI Ajeet.
The team traveled to Indore on January 8 and picked up Thakur for questioning. Its technological gadgets have also come under scrutiny. During his questioning, he allegedly confessed to having created the Sulli Deals app. The digital fingerprints on his laptop and cyberspace are being scanned.
“The accused was brought to court and taken into police custody for four days. Gadget analysis is underway to retrieve codes and images related to the Sulli Deals app, ”DCP said.

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