Heartstopper Creator Teases Nick and Charlie’s Future in ‘Season 2’

Alice Oseman, creator of the Heartstopper series, said the Netflix show could explore mental health issues in future seasons. (Netflix)

Heart stroke Creator Alice Oseman has hinted that there may be more seasons of the beloved series in the future that explore “darker issues.”

The uplifting LGBT+ drama explores the lives of main characters Charlie and Nick (Joe Locke and Kit Conner) as they navigate school, love and heartbreak. The Netflix show quickly became a fan favorite for its utterly relatable characters and great story.

The first season of Heart stroke only covers the first two volumes of Oseman’s graphic novels, and there are seven volumes in total in the series. Oseman gave some hints as to what fans might expect to see in upcoming seasons in an interview with digital spy.

She explained that, if the show had future seasons, it would explore themes of mental health because “it’s a really big thing in the books” as Charlie and Nick grow up.

“The challenge of writing Heart stroke explores these darker issues while keeping such an optimistic and hopeful tone,” Oseman said. “It’s been, like, the struggle to write it for me all along.”

Oseman said they were able to be “very candid about mental health” in the books and explore it in a “real way” that isn’t “intensely triggering or really dark and horrifying to read or watch.” .

“So that’s really my focus for the show,” Oseman added.

The author also said that fans can expect the teachers to be more involved in future seasons, as “we’ll move on to volume three of the books”, when a “love affair with the teachers happens.” “.

“So in the series we already have Mr. Ajayi, but in the books there is also Mr. Farouk, who comes in volume three,” Oseman said. “And they have this kind of interesting friendship in the background that ends up becoming something more.”

Netflix hasn’t said anything about a follow-up to Heart stroke, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be in the cards. Fans are obsessed with drama, and that’s received a rare score of 100% on review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes at the time of writing.

Heart stroke executive producer Patrick Walters previously said PinkNews that the show’s cast and creators would “love a second season”. Walters added that Netflix has been an “incredible” partner on the show and said the streaming service “understands the world we’re trying to deliver.”

“Because there are more books in the series, there’s more source material to adapt,” Walters said. “Alice and I are starting to think and are starting to think about the future now.”

Heart stroke is currently available to watch on Netflix.

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