‘Haunted Chocolatier’ Simulation RPG Announced by the Creator of ‘Stardew Valley’ for PC, Intended to Be Also Available on Other Major Platforms – TouchArcade

Over the years, Valley of stars ($ 4.99) from Eric Barone (ConcernedApe) continued to improve even further. After its debut on PC, it arrived on consoles and mobile platforms. The iOS and Android versions have improved a lot since launch and the game itself is well placed on all platforms right now. With the Valley of stars Update 1.5 has arrived on PC and console platforms bringing a slew of new content including end-game additions, quality of life features, split-screen co-op, the ability to move beds , a new beach farm, advanced play options and much more, Eric said he was focused on his next project. Today, he announced Haunted Chocolatier for PC. Haunted Chocolatier is a simulation RPG where you play as a chocolate maker living in a haunted castle. It’s 100% confirmed for PC only for now, but it intends to bring it to all major platforms. Watch the Haunted Chocolatier gameplay video below:

For now, we don’t know if Haunted Chocolatier is going to hit mobile for sure, but hopefully it will. It is currently being developed by Eric Barone and he says he will get external help with localization and console ports. Haunted Chocolatier will be self-published. It does not yet have a release window and is in early development. He also says that the gameplay is similar to Valley of stars in some ways, but in many ways it is not. You can view a detailed FAQ at Haunted Chocolatier here. If you haven’t played Valley of stars yet, read our original review of Valley of stars. We even presented it as our game of the week. If you don’t already have it, you can buy it from the App Store for iOS here and for Android here on Google Play. If you have a Nintendo Switch and an iOS device, I compared the two versions of the game to help you find the best platform to play it. Here is our in-game discussion thread for further discussion. What do you think of Haunted Chocolatier until there?

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