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GMA News and Public Affairs continues to lead the way in producing reliable and timely news content, not only on air but also online, becoming the largest news creator on TikTok in the Philippines.

As of September 15, her TikTok accounts have reached a total of nearly 410 million views on the video sharing app with 31.5 million cumulative likes.

GMA Network continues to be committed to providing Serbisyong Toto to Filipino viewers, regardless of the format. Reaching young viewers through apps like Tiktok is a priority, to keep our country’s future well informed, ”said GMA’s senior vice president for news and public affairs. Marissa L. Flores.

Topping the List of These Top TikTok News Creators Is Digital Power GMA Public Affairs with 1.7 million subscribers. His account has 15.8 million likes and 195 million views in total.

Likewise, GMA News already has 304,500 subscribers. He was also one of the fastest growing news creators on TikTok Philippines with 2.1 million likes and 42.3 million views.

GMA Network’s flagship newscast 24 Oras extends her Serbisyong Toto on TikTok as well. The multi-award winning program now has 261,200 subscribers with 1.5 million likes and 26.8 million views.

Just recently, 24 Oras also launched their # 24OrasChallenge on the app where web users are invited to join their favorite Kapuso anchors to report news while reading from a teleprompter. Said challenge already has 12 million views at the time of writing; with the anchor of 24 Oras Vicky Morales and Minute Chika host Iya Villania took up the challenge with courage. GMA News presenters and reporters including Atom Araullo, Ivan Mayrina and Raffy Tima are also joining in the fun, with new challenges from journalists released daily.

The award-winning news magazine program and Filipino Sunday viewing habit are also at the forefront of content creation. Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. His account already has 811,463 subscribers, with respectively 47.5 million and 4.6 million views and likes.

The oldest morning show in the country Unang hirit is also a hit on the platform with 270,100 followers, 2.1 million likes and 22.9 million views.

From the production of captivating stories on the air, to a pioneering documentary program I testify forays into TikTok with 178,240 subscribers and 711,200 likes. His videos have accumulated 12 million views.

Meanwhile, an award-winning wildlife and environment program Born to be wild continues to be the authority on wildlife conservation, even on the video sharing app, with subscribers and likes reaching 165,100 and 671,600 respectively. His account has 12.2 million views.

Weekly magazine show Pinoy MD also takes its discussions on major health topics on TikTok. At present, it has 191,600 subscribers; 929,100 likes; and 7.6 million views.

Beloved infotainment program AHA! continues to win the hearts of Internet users with 172,600 subscribers, 920,300 likes and 11.1 million views on the application. Earlier this year, the show celebrated its 11th anniversary by collaborating with TikTok PH via #AHAmazingLearning which featured the fun and educational videos from AHA !.

Pioneering Newspaper on Mobile Journalism Stand up for the truth is also a forerunner on TikTok with 117,900 subscribers. Its handle has 534,400 likes with 10.1 million views.

Increasing its reach is also GMA Sports with 222,000 subscribers. It has already amassed 1.7 million likes and 22 million views.

“Our digital teams work hard to bring relevant news and information along with compelling storytelling in formats that work well with the platforms and devices of choice of every Filipino,” said Jaemark Tordecilla, GMA Network Senior Assistant Vice President for Digital News Media and Public Affairs.

GMA News and Public Affairs has consistently led other Filipino news organizations to produce engaging content and hard-hitting stories on various emerging digital platforms to reach larger audiences and Gen Z.



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