FlipHTML5 Digital Book Creator Produces Modern Learning Materials

Education, like many things, is becoming increasingly digital. FlipHTML5 digital book maker makes life for teachers and students easier and more enjoyable.

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Hong Kong, China – (Release the thread) – 10/1/2022 – Advances in technology have changed the way a lot of things are done. Education is no exception. Distance learning is becoming the norm and even in a physical learning environment, technology plays an important role. Learning materials such as textbooks, activity books and student manuals are becoming increasingly digital. Some educators may be intimidated by the prospect of having to create digital learning content. But with a superior digital book maker like FlipHTML5, that’s a no-brainer. FlipHTML5 comes with all the tools you need to create engaging digital content, and it’s easy to learn.

This digital book maker takes PDF files and turns them into dynamic and interactive flipbooks that will capture and hold the attention of learners. The conversion is automatic and does not require the user to have coding skills or other technical skills. Teachers will love the flipping effect that makes students look like they are flipping through the pages of a traditional book.

Educators can enhance the content and appearance of their learning materials by adding multimedia elements with the digital book creator. Unlike PDFs and printed books which are limited to text and images, flipbooks created with FlipHTML5 can contain audio, video (including YouTube videos), animation, and hyperlinks. The possibilities to expand the learning experience are endless. Stories and activities will come to life before the eyes of the learners.

Parents no longer have to browse bookstores for the learning resources their children need. With FlipHTML5’s digital book maker, teachers can quickly and easily share learning materials with their students. All completed flipbooks created on FlipHTML5 generate a link that can be shared by email, messaging apps, or social media for immediate access. Students can view the books on their computers or mobile devices. An embed code is also available; teachers can integrate learning materials into their virtual classrooms or learning management systems.

FlipHTML5 is more than a digital book maker. Teachers can also find additional resources in the FlipHTML5 cloud to complement their own. Indeed, content creators around the world publish their books with FlipHTML5. The virtual library allows publishers to organize their books much like a physical library so that they are easier to find.

“We are proud to be a part of the ongoing revolution in education through our digital book maker,” says Jackie Peng, FlipHTML5 customer service.

Learn more about the digital book maker at ReturnHTML5.

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