Famous mobile content creator iFerg is now co-owner of Tribe Gaming

In a surprising move, Luke ‘iFerg’ Fergiethe popular content creator who has been excelling in shooting games for quite some time now, has become the co-owner of Tribe Gaming, a Based in North America portable Esports and organizing content creation. The creator rose to fame by playing Call of duty mobile competitive, something he still does. Simultaneously, he jumped on games like Apex Legends Mobile stand out as the best player in the world ranking.

Tribe Gaming should dominate with Ferg on board

Ferg and Tribe Gaming also unveiled a new project and product line called “Tribal Fragments”who has a YouTube channel that started off on a rather goofy note with a video titled “Ferg controls my life for 24 hours”, which involves another popular creator, Imow, being given some awkward tasks to perform in public. The purpose of this particular project is to be “the cultural center of mobile FPS” and also, to be the new home of mobile FPS content on YouTube.

Now, it looks like that was something iFerg had been planning on doing for a while, because one of his tweets from early 2020, said “It is my dream to build a content creation empire with millions of people following from all over the world. I will do everything in my power to make it happen.”

Final Thoughts

What Tribe Gaming does after that should be interesting and with Ferg’s mindset it should become even more competitive than before. Tribe Gaming has already signed up some very popular creators like Imow and HawksNest to name a few, so they’re looking for a solid base to build on.

What do you think of iFerg becoming co-owner of Tribe Gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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