EA Launches New Game Testing Website and Tester Portal on September 27


Following the announcement of the new EA Creator Network earlier this month, Electronic Arts (EA) also announced the new EA Playtesting website and Playtester portal!

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the publisher announced that “all” game testing and community testing will be accessible through the same portal.

On September 27, EA Playtesting and EA Community Playtesting become one, with the launch of our new Playtesting Electronic Arts website and the Playtester portal! All EA Playtesting and Community Playtesting events will be accessible through the same portal!

Stay tuned for more information!

We assume that all beta testing, all things content creators have early access to will be passed here in the future. Not only will this streamline the process, but chances are it will help stem the leaks as well.

Speaking of gameplay leaks and testing, be sure to check out our first look at the gameplay of Battlefield Mobile which is currently being tested in Southeast Asia.

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