Downton Abbey: Creator of a New Era Addresses Some Fans Thinking Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess Should Have Died on the Show

WARNING: spoilers for Downton Abbey: A New Era are under discussion. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, you might want to refrain from reading any further.

One of the questions that accompanied the publication of each Downton Abbey the film is about whether or not Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess would take her final salute. With the end of the first movie of 2019 giving Violet Crawley a terminal diagnosis, a ticking clock has been set in motion for this potential heartbreaking moment. Peacock subscribers probably still waiting. However, some fans believe Smith’s character should have died over the course of the six-season original series, and creator Julian Fellowes addressed those feelings.

Talk with USA today (opens in a new tab) behalf Downton Abbey: A New Era recent release, Fellowes was asked about this notion voiced by fans of the hit ITV drama. Quite frankly, and with a nod to the events that did transpiring in this year’s cinematic sequel, he explained his reasoning for waiting for the films as follows:

I don’t think we ever did [consider it]. It looks like we haven’t covered enough years yet. Maggie comes across as a very strong character (in the show), so I didn’t feel any reason for that before. But it went well this time.

A character’s death is a very serious matter for Julian Fellowes, as he previously explained. how he wrote the dead in Downton Abbey tv race. Apparently he and the rest of the team behind the hit series didn’t think it was safe to kill the dowager.
Countess during these intrigues. Considering how much of a crown jewel Maggie Smith was in the Downtown castit’s another factor that likely kept Violet Crawley alive for as long as she has.

Of course, the end of Downton Abbey: A New Era changed that, with Violet moving peacefully to the Downton Estate. Surrounded by friends and family, her final moments were bittersweet and even included a dash of her usual comedic timing. Who else would say to his weeping servant, “Stop that noise now!” I can’t hear myself dying? Further explaining why director Simon Curtis’ current appearance in Downtown canon was the time to send Violet Crawley into the afterlife, Julian Fellowes elaborated thus:

When we made the first movie, we didn’t know there would be a second. However, after having laid the foundations in the first film, we could not have done without it in the second. Assuming Violet was 77 at the start (of the TV series), she’s now 90. And I think that’s enough, really.

Although fans and creatives will probably want to keep inviting Maggie Smith to star in Downton Abbey sequels, it seems his character has run its course. Although Julian Fellowes is hesitant to pass final judgment on the Dowager Countess’ story ending, it’s reasonable to assume that Dame Smith won’t be back for more theatrical adventures. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because Violet Crawley’s death will have meant something, and it gives her it’s time to strengthen the classic characters again, just in time for a potential Downton Abbey 3.

Just as you should never expect to have the last word with the Dowager Countess, to the chagrin of A new era teammate Penelope Wiltondon’t assume that someone Downtown the story is truly over. With the possibility of flashbacks, or more likely prequels that could explore the Dowager Countess’ pastthere are so many more stories that could be told.

Downton Abbey: A New Era continues to entertain audiences in theaters, with a potential streaming debut presumed for early July. Again, if you subscribe to Peacock, you must keep your subscription up to date. Not only will this be your ticket to seeing this sequel, but as of this writing, the entire Downtown dynasty exists on this platform.

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