Director Content Creator and Producer Mitu It’s a matter of pride and nostalgia to see Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki re races succeed every time

Some TV shows will stay with us forever. One such name is Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii (KGGK). Recently, when the channel aired the rerun of the show, the TRP increased and the audience once again proved how much they appreciate this Ekta Kapoor production. The show is set for another rerun that begins August 2 to much fanfare. Content Creator and Director Mitu, who served as Executive Producer at Ekta’s Balaji Productions on this show, as well as the organization’s Associate Creative Head and Creative Producer, explains what makes KGGK so popular and why it still holds a place in the audience. hearts. “It’s a matter of pride and nostalgia to see Kahaani reruns be so successful time after time. I’m sure this time too it won’t be different. KGGK is very close to my heart and has long been the hallmark of my career. Kahaani was my lifeline, my first baby. During its 8-year run, I was with the show for almost 6 years,” she becomes nostalgic. Mitu remembers how Ekta trusted him for the show. “I was new to Mumbai and Balaji. I was passionate about the show. So when it got huge, it meant the world to me. Since then, people still tell me ‘Oh, you were the creator of Kahaani “. I had worked hard for many other shows, but Kahaani has a very special place in my heart. ‘loved,” adds series co-director and producer Nishabd. Sharing some unforgettable moments from filming, Mitu begins by saying that she was always present during filming. She shares that the entire crew, Sakshi Tanwar, Deepak Qasir , Shweta Kawatra, Sweta Keswani, RituRaj, Kiran Karmarkar, Gautam Chaturvedi, Mansi Varma, Jayati Bhatia, Smita Bansal, Achint Kaur, Chetan Hansraj, etc. working on the.

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“We have become a huge gang. Later, writers and directors joined the gang. They were my first friends in Mumbai. And even now, we’re still there for each other. The memories created lasted a lifetime. In fact, Sweta Keswani was here a few months ago (she now lives in the US) and we all met at Sucheta Trivedi for a meeting. Even now, try to find reasons to work with each other. I made two short films with Sakshi Tanwar, which went on to win international awards. Indeed, during lockdown I did a series for my Positive Thinkerz Official YouTube channel called ‘Seize The Day’ and ‘People Supporting People’ for which many actors voluntarily gave me content. Like Smita Bansal, Jayati Bhatia, Gautam Chaturvedi, Chetan Hansraj among others. Recently, Smita Bansal and I made a collaborative series called SMITASHA with her and her daughters. Also, to celebrate Kahaani’s 20th anniversary, we at Positive Thinkerz made a tribute featurette which was anchored by Sakshi and 20 weird actors also gave me their bytes. All of this was possible thanks to the bond and relationship we forged 22 years ago. I’ve done many shows, but the vibe and atmosphere at Kahaani was something else, positive and full of energy,” she adds.
Fan reaction around the show was also superb, then and now. She recalls one such incident involving Kovid Gupta, who was a boy at the time living in the United States. “He was brought up on a diet of daily soaps from India. He loved Kahaani. When he met me, in my twenties, in Mumbai, as a writer, he told me his story. He was so obsessed with the show that he and I discussed scenes, dialogue by dialogue from Kahaani. In fact, he knew some Kahani songs that I had also forgotten, which shows the power of the show. Another example encountered this non-Indian saleswoman at Marks and Spencers, London. She found out I was in charge of Kahaani and she quoted scenes from the show…I asked her how she knew Hindi and she said “I saw the show with subtitles” smiles Mitu. The idea of ​​recreating the show is exciting, according to the director-producer. “New actors playing the iconic roles would be interesting to watch. Yes, the expectations on their part would be enormous. Kahaani was a show that was before its time, whether it was the poverty track or the rape track or the office track. We did a lot of experimental things and Ekta was our guide for us. In fact, now that I’ve seen Anupamaa’s desktop track perform so well, I feel overwhelmed,” she adds.

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If ever a new season is created, what do you think will be the reaction of the public? “I hope they give us the same love, affection and adulation as the first time,” Mitu concludes.

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