Digital creator Adi Reddy uses most of his income for social work

After being successful, most people are enveloped in their vices. Very few dare to share their wealth with the world and help improve the situation of the poor and oppressed in society. Mr. Adi Reddy is not one of those frugal, successful people who know how to keep their success and fortune to themselves. He believes he is doing everything in his power to help make our country a better place. In her mind, the amount of donation does not matter, but the intention to give back to the community matters.

Adi reddys the full name is Venkata Audi Narayana Reddy. He has many shares ups and downs in his life but is now earning a reliable income through his fantastic cricket career and as a full time YouTuber. His tough times taught him the importance of social work and how it can help change lives for the better. Adi Reddy believes in donating first, then asking followers and followers to follow in his footsteps. With a dense subscriber base of 224,000 subscribers, it can change the fate of any fundraising campaign. His supporters also support his spirit of generosity and come out in large numbers to do what is necessary. Adi reddyhis wife Bondala Kavitha and his sister Boddu Naga Lakshmi are the greatest support to do this humanitarian job.

A school in Varikuntapadu needed better electrical infrastructure to help the school. people showed up generously donated Rs 60,000, which was used to purchase fans and lighting to be installed in the school premises. He carried out a cleaning campaign to clean the premises of the hostel and its surroundings in order to make them habitable. The Varikuntapadu region needed CCTV cameras to monitor security around and inside the police station and other basic needs like a water tank, for which he donated wholeheartedly.

He became the savior of his village during the crown era and distributed sweaters, blankets and kitchen utensils to the Kovvuru orphanage. His other notable donations include a donation of 2 lakh rupees to an ashram, a donation of bricks for the construction of ram mandir, a donation of 10,000 rupees to the oxygen campaign in India.

Lakshmi contributed five months of his pension to the Sonu Sood Foundation. The brother-sister duo were invited and appreciated by Sonu Sood at the inauguration of the oxygen plant where they again donated a sum of Rs 25,000 to the foundation. Adi Reddy is the epitome of social work and has led 7 successful fundraisers in the past 3 years. The duo also donated 25,000 rupees to the CM Relief Fund.

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