DC Fandome reveals the creator of the character (Not So) Secret Origins

This year’s DC Fandome event takes place next weekend, and this year fans will have the chance to fully immerse themselves in the online festivities. This morning DC unveiled (not so) secret origins, a character creation tool that allows fans to design their own unique alter egos, whether they’re superheroes or villains.

Gotham Knight character example

Here’s how DC describes the (not-so) secret origins experiment:

Fans can step right into the DC Universe by creating their own superhero (or villain) identity. With (Not So) Secret Origins, fans can customize and create a character as if it were directly integrated into their own DC comic origin story. DC’s character creator offers a plethora of options for fans to customize, including face shape, skin color, eye shape, eye color, hair type, hair color, nose, mouth, facial hair and figure.

(Not so) Secret Origins encourages fans to create a truly unique character who can fit into any corner of the DC Universe. The characters can be adapted as one of the following DC favorites:

  • Gotham Knight
  • Kryptonian
  • amazonian
  • Speedster
  • Shazam!
  • Atlantean
  • Clown
  • Lantern Corps
  • Brain
  • Martial artist
Example of a clown character

In addition to being able to adjust facial features, users can also change the primary and secondary colors of the various costume designs and drop their newly created characters in iconic DC Universe locations such as Gotham, Metropolis, and more.

(Not so) Secret Origins is the last free item added to this year’s edition of DC Fandome. Those registered for the online event can access Fate Patrol character downloads, DC-themed coloring pages, and free comics to read online through the DC Universe Infinite app.

Fans can access the Secret Origins (Not So) Character Generator now on dcfandome.com. The DC Fandome event is scheduled for Saturday, October 16.

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