Creator wants a new app to bring people together | national news

The handyman is back in the lab creating an app to strengthen the nation.

On April 19, Myron V. Anderson, creator of the app, gave an overview of his new app’s mission and how he sees it making a difference.

“We have to get away from marches and fights,” Anderson said. “What happens after all the rallies and marches? Nothing.”

Anderson created an app called 1 America Stong (1AS) in hopes of bringing together very different people over personal choices.

Anderson said the app will expose people to ideas and opinions even if they aren’t looking for them.

“Essentially, it’s a place where people listen to each other,” Anderson said. The app will be a place where public speakers, athletes, influencers, etc. will be able to express their points of view and hear from others with similar or opposing points of view.

The idea for 1AS grew out of Anderson trying to find a better way to bring change and improvement to our democracy.

“I was relentless,” Anderson said. He wanted to create something that people could cling to.

Anderson highlighted an independent issue-based voting feature that will allow people to connect with others who share the same concern on political issues.

“If you care about climate change, infrastructure or the economy, you’ll have a space to hear what officials have to say about it,” Anderson said.

He plans to get people involved in blogging and give more people a chance to be heard. Anderson said not only do people need to talk about issues among peers, they need to talk to others about them.

Anderson hopes to expand globally to “bring people across the country on-site to provide different perspectives.”

Awareness is why this app will be different, Anderson said. “The app helps people get along better.”

Anderson said, “Students have the opportunity to make great strides for America and democracy.” For this reason, students are one of its major demographic groups.

“We didn’t have the means to do it. Now we do,” Anderson said.

The app is slated for release in May.

Jaliah Robinson, editor of The Panther, Claflin’s student newspaper, was recently named the 2021 SC College Journalist of the Year for institutions with fewer than 5,000 enrollments.

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