Creator Neha Nagar posts finance and tax content and it’s a hit!

Passionate about crypto and passionate about stocks, she sees business as an intellectual sport. She developed a talent for finance, tax and investing concepts while pursuing her MBA in finance, and went on to work with several organizations such as Paytm, Groww, Amazon, CoinSwitch, Bajaj Finserv, ICICI Bank to deepen this learning. After gaining a wealth of experience, the dynamic Neha Nagar, Founder and CEO of, decided to use her to help others and founded – a technology-driven platform, offering services which cover the legal needs of start-ups. ups and established businesses.

Wanting to use the time she had during shutdowns rather than being inactive, Nagar thought about creating easy-to-understand and unique content on tax and government regimes and sharing it on social media. Pretty soon she started getting questions about investing, one thing led to another, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, she has nearly 4.7 million fans on social media platforms.

Providing content ranging from finance, cryptocurrency, and taxation to stock markets, commerce, and government funding programs, Nagar aspires to extend and encourage financial literacy to everyone through social media.

We caught up with her to learn more about her unique content.

Do you have a knack for finance or have you worked to develop your knowledge? Explain to our readers the importance of acquiring a solid knowledge of finance, investments and taxation.

At school, we learned that public accounting (CA) was a very prestigious and respected profession. Subsequently, I started to explore and got interested in accounting, tax and auditing. Since I couldn’t take the CA exam, I did an internship in finance, pursued my MBA, and later worked at IIFL Securities for a year.

We human beings tend to focus on making more from our job, business or profession, but ignore the fact that we can earn a lot more with our money already earned. Whatever we earn we can develop effectively to achieve our goals.
To achieve these goals, we must understand concepts such as inflation and investing among many others. Understanding these concepts can save us a lot each year. Saving will not allow us to reach our goals, unlike financial planning.

Neha nagar

Have you ever thought that you are taken less seriously because of your gender?

I have known sexist prejudices in the world of finance; women in general are taken less seriously. Some clients would not entertain a young woman talking about investing. I felt it later when I started my own tax practice; a woman giving lectures on tax savings is not appreciated. But I’ve also found that if you focus on quality work, gender biases won’t affect you. I quickly realized, if this woman has confidence and consistency; sooner or later people will accept his suggestions and advice.

Based on your experience, why do you think women (even those who have won for a long time) have a mental block in managing finances and turn to a male relative at home for help?

Yes, I have always felt this in our society. Earning capacity has nothing to do with managing finances. Women often ask their brothers, husbands or fathers to handle the finances. I come from a village and have seen women depend on men for their finances. Men decide where to park the money, where to buy a house, or how to use the money. We were brought up that way, asking for advice, permission before making financial decisions. He’s always been there.

What’s the most essential request you’ve received on comments?

Explain concepts such as inflation, capitalization, and how the stock market works.

How do you deal with trolls?

It’s difficult because I do most of my content on Instagram, where people want to be entertained. I have learned, however, that ignoring negativity helps. I used to get upset and respond, but now I know that’s not the solution. I started to focus on the positive feedback and my future path.

Is your gender a barrier for your social media audience to take you seriously for the field you work in?

Yes. I get comments on a daily basis such as “you should make dance videos, leave the finances to us”, “Why are you providing expertise if you’re not a billionaire” etc. There is commentary on my voice, rather than attention to information. Financial content wasn’t that widespread in 2020, so yes, given that it’s new to social media content, it has attracted a bit of negativity.

Neha nagar

At what age do you think children should be introduced to financial literacy? How do we do it?

In most developed countries, financial literacy is part of the curriculum of high schools and colleges. Structuring finance lessons from an early age (14-16 years old) will not only help children develop the right attitude towards money, saving and investing, but will also allow them to effectively manage their finances and develop their skills. ” optimize the use of their resources.

What are your top tips for turning losses into opportunities?

We need to realize what we have lost and then think about ways to move forward. As if certain stocks turn out to be destroyers of wealth, then we get lessons here. You have to know what wealth destroyers look like and how not to repeat those mistakes. Losses are opportunities to learn and grow. I failed in my career choices; I kept learning from all of my mistakes because I knew where I wanted to go.

What should a new investor keep in mind?

Keep in mind their financial goals and risk capacity. We start investing immediately after watching videos, but you have to make a financial plan before doing so. When investing, know when to stop and when to continue.

How can students start investing when they can barely survive on their pocket money?

Investing is not a lot of money; one can start investing from Rs 100. If you are a student keep looking for sources of income but also start with a monthly SIP of Rs 100 in mutual funds or stocks so that if you decide to start a business or graduate school, you will have a corpus ready.

Leave your highest thought on financial literacy to our readers.

If we make and follow a financial plan, then we will be financially free.

All images are courtesy of: Neha Nagar

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