Content creator Q India to launch new channel

QYOU Media inc. (TSXV: QYOU) (OTCQB: QYOUF) announced that The Q India, the company’s Hindi-language youth channel, now available in over 122 million TV homes and to over 676 million users via OTT, mobile and app-based platforms in India, will launch a new second broadcast channel in January 2022. Specific details of the new channel are yet to be revealed, but it will focus on the Young India demographic currently targeted by the flagship channel. The Q. Content and programming will similarly tap into the hugely popular world of social video and feature content from digital creators and social media stars.

Throughout 2021, Hindi language channel The Q has rapidly grown to become the fastest growing youth oriented channel in India. With high ratings, new lineup and the addition of over 30 new advertisers, The Q overtook other longtime channels targeting Young India audiences. The company has been working for several months to identify and launch an additional channel that can tap into the success of The Q while expanding the reach of the audience and the overall revenue potential for the company.

Simran hoon, CEO of The Q India commented, “While we would like to know more about our specific plans, we intend to keep this channel’s exact audience under wraps for a bit longer. What I can say is that he will greatly benefit from the people and strategies that have brought us forward so strongly with The Q. The media landscape in India continues to grow rapidly and we are determined to build on our current momentum in every way possible. We have looked at a variety of options for our next channel and we are all confident that our decision will lead to a new and vast group of fans and advertiser opportunities.

Curt marvis, CEO and Co-Founder of QYOU Media Inc., commented, “We continue to develop our unique brand and it clearly resonates extremely well with Young India. We are thrilled with the ratings, revenue and the fan base that has been built on The Q this year and the launch of this new channel will be another important step towards our goal of establishing a leading and sustainable media brand for Young India. Simran and the whole team couldn’t be more excited about this upcoming launch. “

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