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Niharika NM, who will walk the red carpet at Cannes 2022 for the World Influencer Blogger Awards (WIBA), said she was genuinely thrilled to have the opportunity to represent India on such a global scale.

Social media influencer Niharika NM is currently on cloud nine. The Los Angeles-based Indian content creator, who flew to India a month ago, is living her dream. Yesterday, she flew to Cannes, France, to make her red carpet debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for the WIBA – World Influencer Blogger Awards.

We catch up with Niharika, who shares her fashion outing at the event, and how being a part of the film’s gala is “a huge personal accomplishment” and more.

Excerpts from the interview below:

This is your first time walking the red carpet at Cannes 2022 for the World Influencer Blogger Awards (WIBA). Although you have already gained wide recognition, what does this global exposure mean to you?

It just means that it (content creation) is now a legitimate profession, and my parents will never be able to tell me that it’s not a real job. But, joking aside, I am genuinely delighted to have the opportunity to represent India on such a global scale. It’s a huge personal achievement for me, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. I’m just thrilled and grateful to everyone who watches and supports my content for allowing me to do something like this.

Fashion happens to be an important part of Cannes. Who will you wear to the festival?

If I had been allowed to choose my own dress, that would have been a real problem. That’s why we have a fantastic stylist, Anisha Jain, who dresses me in a beautiful ensemble. It makes me feel like a princess, which I rarely do unless I’m in a full costume for one of my videos. So I can’t wait to feel beautiful.

Before WIBA, what is your mental space?

I believe my mind would be in a constant state of shock until this event occurred. I’m actually numb because how do you digest something like that? It’s been a month since I returned to India, and I feel like my old life has been torn apart in the biggest way imaginable. So I’m just grateful and riding the wave to the fullest and accepting every event as it comes. My mental space is just to be present and grateful while having fun.

Going forward, what small changes would you like to see in the digital world and the economy of content creation?

I appreciate these developments now that the digital space simulates a consumer environment to the point that the digital space is referred to as “mainstream”. I’d like to see more crossovers, more sims into the mainstream, more going “mainstream” rather than being asked “what’s it like to go mainstream?” I believe we are getting closer.

I guess the difference I’d like to see is that people take the digital space more seriously and don’t ask about our economy, because the creator economy has been booming for a long time.

What do you think your Cannes appearance for WIBA means for female content creators in India and around the world?

Although I would like to answer this question, I don’t think I can speak for all the creators in the world. For me, this is a personal victory because I can represent who I am and what I believe in on the world stage. I just can’t wait to see who will be the next fantastic person to receive such a chance, because it’s really amazing to be able to do this, and I wish more women had the opportunity to feel special and pampered for one day. I used to think Cannes was only for celebrities, but now that I’m a part of it, it’s unreal, and I can’t wait for more people to experience it.

With influencers and content creators now part of international galas alongside actors, how much do you think the storyline has changed for them?

I think we’re in the best of times right now since the rise of social media is relatively recent, and now that we have the ability to accomplish all of that, I think we’re part of the first wave of influencers to do it. I’m really happy that people in the digital space can attend more mainstream events.

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