Chaos acquires industry website CGArchitect – makes all accounts free

CGArchitect is now part of Chaos — the world leader in visualization software acquires the world-leading Archviz website.

Late last month, Chaos announced the acquisition of popular architectural visualization-focused website This decision marks the departure of Jeff Mottle, founder of CGArchitect who has taken up a position at NVIDIA.

CGArchitect is home to the largest community of architectural visualization professionals and is famous for its 3D awards program, collectively known as the “Oscars” of archviz.

Chaos CGArchitect

Even though CGArchitect is now in the hands of an industry-serving software vendor, the community-driven website will remain an independent, product-agnostic platform dedicated to helping professionals and 3D artists share their work, find jobs, discover new tools and techniques, and network with like-minded professionals.

With Mottle now at NVIDIA, Chaos will have Lon Grohs, director of creative and communications at Chaos and former archviz artist, running the site. Prior to Chaos, Grohs was also Senior Director and Creative Director of the renowned architectural visualization studio Neoscape, founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

CGArchitect Jeff Mottle seen talking to Lon Grohs about Chaos.

“Chaos and CGarchitect have been inextricably linked from the beginning, as friends, business partners and supporters of this community,” Grohs said. “When we heard Jeff needed to move on, we knew we had to step up to ensure this powerful network he created can endure and continue to serve the people who use it every day.”

“Few companies care and know our industry like Chaos, making them the perfect guardians of everything we’ve built,” said Jeff Mottle, Founder of CGarchitect. “When I started, all I wanted was to foster a community that stayed connected and excited about the work. Now I just want everyone to thrive. With Lon at the helm, I’m confident that the site will continue to give people what they need to stand out and be seen.

New Free Accounts

CGArchitect, as a community-oriented platform, had subscription tiers ranging from free to paid. From now on, all accounts will be free and members with accounts will now be able to access:

  • Advanced Story Builder – Create custom magazine-like layouts for your projects, filled with high-resolution images and animations.
  • AI research tools – Search images with AI searches optimized for visual similarity, color palettes, and more.
  • Mood boards – Discover new points of inspiration or reference in over 105,000 images, all of which can be instantly assigned to public or private mood boards
  • Advanced Job CRMTrack applications across all channels, sort and rank candidates, and even search for candidates in real time all in one place.
  • Free job offers – Share vacancies and attract the best talent without constraints.

To find out more, see our podcast with Lon Grohs and Jeff Mottle.

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