Bulli Bai Mastermind had been in contact with the creator of Sullideals, a hacked website since the age of 15, Delhi police say

New Delhi: The main defendant in the Bulli Bai app case, Niraj Bishnoi, a 21-year-old engineering student, was in contact with the creator of the Twitter id “sullideals”, who created the questionable Sulli Deals app on GitHub, which “auctioned off” Muslim women and used their photographs for the same without their consent, Delhi police said on Saturday. Niraj was arrested by Delhi police for developing the Bulli Bai app, which also posted photos of women for “auctions”.Read also – Bulli Bai case: Mastermind’s intention was to advertise, to make an identity, according to the police

According to the special DCP IFSO cell, KPS Malhotra, the accused Niraj Bishnoi, during questioning, revealed that he used to hack, degrade websites and learn the same since he was 15 years old. The accused also claimed to have hacked various websites of schools and universities in India as well as Pakistan, the officer said. Read also – Bulli Bai case: VIT Bhopal suspends the accused Neeraj Bishnoi; Delhi court sends 7-day custody

The policeman informed that Niraj tried to harm himself twice and was also threatening to kill himself. “We take care of him,” he said. Also Read – Neeraj Bishnoi, Creator of ‘Bulli Bai’ App Arrested in Assam, Delhi Police Confirm

He informed that Bishnoi had a fondness for a game character from Japanese animation, namely GIYU. “He had created various Twitter pseudonyms using the word GIYU. He had created the account with the word GIYU, by which he had challenged the police to arrest him, ”said the DCP.

Police also identified the 5 Twitter IDs – @ giyu2002, @ giyu007, @ giyuu84, @ giyu94 and @ giyu44 used by the accused. Among these, the @ giyu2002 account was found associated with an FIR registered at Kishangarh Police Station in southwest Delhi. Bishnoi, from the @ giyu2002 Twitter account, had made obscene comments and tweeted about the women’s auctions.

Bishnoi, who was arrested at his home in Assam on Thursday, set up another account @ giyu44 on January 3, 2022, to challenge the Mumbai police investigation to arrest him, the DCP IFSO special cell said. , KPS Malhotra. “He had tried to show his location in Nepal,” said Malhotra.

The @ giyu007 account was revealed when the “Sulli deal” affair was under investigation. Thanks to this handle, he had tried to plant information regarding the possible propagator / initiator of the ‘Sulli deals’ application.

“During this time, he also created a fake girl profile and tried to contact the investigative agency as a reporter. He later came into contact with various other reporters and tried to add to his misinformation his nefarious goals, ”added DCP Malhotra.

In addition, the accused revealed to police that he is in contact with people arrested by Mumbai police in the virtual world and that he used to chat through the Twitter group chat. “He never met these people and didn’t even have their contact numbers,” Malhotra said. He also informed that Niraj revealed that he was the one using the Twitter account of girl Shweta arrested by Mumbai police.

“Defendant Niraj also revealed that he was also in contact with the creator of the Twitter handle ‘sullideals’, who created the Sulli Deals app on GitHub and he also spread the same thing,” the officer said.

Regarding the use of the Gurmukhi script in the app, the accused Niraj revealed that he chose the Gurmukhi because he found the same to be more impactful than the Devanagari script, the officer said.

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