Brooke Styles Interview: TikTok Creator Brooke Styles Talks About Beauty, Social Media & Mental Health

So, boom, you go viral and your passion project suddenly becomes your real job. Where do you draw the lines between work and play? “If I’m having a more difficult day, I just try to disconnect,” Styles explains, confirming that a “bad day” is “just stress in general now, which is probably a lot better than before.”

“I give myself weekends and a 9-5 structure as much as possible, even though it’s the most flexible job in the world,” she says. “I gave myself a desk instead of sitting in bed and scrolling through TikTok [to mark] the difference between quietly scrolling and scrolling for work.

“It’s tough when it comes to your hobby, income, and day-to-day hobbies. [I find that the key is] try to break up normally [viewer] life and online [creator] life, [because otherwise] you can scroll through your phone without even realizing that you are working and creating again, like subconsciously. You watch other people get creative and that gives you an idea, and then you say to yourself “oh, I want to go” and you get back on your feet. “

Another important aspect of Styles’ “online life”? Recognize how she got here while celebrating where she is. “Everyone is still pretty guilty for posting highlights,” she notes, admitting that she is sometimes also said culprit. “Even though I’m very transparent, I do it anyway, because I’m proud of myself and I like to share that. But at the same time, I think what I went through to get there is really important.

“I might have succeeded overnight [on TikTok] but before that, I was bullied at work, I lost my aunt, I had to adapt to have two children now, then live in the family home again, ”she shares. “Yes, everyone has strong moments but there [are also] a lot of stuff in the backstory.

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